Macron, show some results! France is under pressure to intervene on migrant crossings over the English Channel.


Macron, show some results! France is under pressure to intervene on migrant crossings over the English Channel.

After more than 1,000 migrants crossed the English Channel in small boats over the last two days, UK Immigration Minister Chris Philp traveled to France for emergency discussions, promising to “achieve outcomes for the British public.”

Following £54 million in financing granted to Paris last month as part of a new arrangement, UK ministers are concerned about the low number of migrant interceptions. Last month, the UK government decided to provide the funds to the French government in order to increase patrols and surveillance on French beaches.

The increase in migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats, according to the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson, is “unacceptable.”

They stated that “more has to be done” in regards to the “dangerous and unnecessary small boat crossings.”

“Its clear results are needed,” a UK government official continued, “and we need to see action by the French Government as soon as possible.”

There are now calls for an unified maritime force to be established to turn back migrants.

New strategies are being deployed to prevent the influx, according to Tory MPs and a top French politician.

A “Franco-British marine brigade,” according to Xavier Bertrand, head of the Hauts-de-France regional council, would be a method to “break the traffic in the Channel.”

Mr Bertrand, who is running for President of France as a Republican candidate in 2022, said an united brigade would “show that crossings to the United Kingdom are impossible.”

However, he chastised Boris Johnson for his “British hypocrisy” in prosecuting French fisherman but not people smugglers.

“The British are quite excellent at threatening to send the Navy after our fishermen,” he continued.

“Why don’t they try to stop the smugglers as well?”

“Enough with the British hypocrisy.”

Tim Loughton, a Shoreham MP, stated that we need “something that properly deters them.”

Natalie Elphicke, a Dover MP, adding that it was past time to “put an end to these illegal and deadly journeys.”

Labour, on the other hand, alleged that the government was in “chaos” over the migrant issue.

“Time and time again, the Government has established arrangements with France using taxpayers’ money, yet the numbers keep increasing,” Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds said.

“The government needs to develop a plan that includes combating criminal groups who operate outside of France’s shore and facilitate these risky crossings.

Brinkwire Summary News: “Ministers must also reopen safe and lawful avenues to prevent.”


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