Macron reveals the EU’s master plan, which aims to transform the bloc into the world’s dominant power.


Macron reveals his EU masterplan, which aims to transform the bloc into the world’s dominant power.

A senior official in EMMANUEL MACRON’S government has revealed that he is planning to turn the EU into a “powerful” sovereign bloc to counter China and other authoritarian regimes.

On Thursday, the French President welcomed EU Commissioners to Paris to inaugurate France’s presidency of the EU Council.

During France’s six-month rotating presidency of the EU, Mr Macron, who is also expected to run for re-election in April, will push forward with his plan to turn the EU into a power player against China.

“I would like the EU to become aware of its power in the coming years,” a senior French government official told Politico.

“You can see how we are hesitant to defend our values in the face of China at times.”

“Why are we hesitant? Because we are not powerful enough, we want access to the Chinese market, and we rely on certain technologies.”

“Power brings prosperity, and independence comes with power.”

“And it would be a great political idea for the EU if we could all realize that it is better to be powerful than weak, that it is better to be sovereign than vassal.”

“Today, freedom and democracy are being called into question everywhere,” they added.

“Authoritarian regimes will tell you that they are far superior to democracy, whether in China or elsewhere.”

“We must demonstrate that democracy is superior to all other options.”

“It’s also more efficient.”

And that it is more equitable.”

China and Russia’s influence in space appear to be high on Mr Macron’s agenda.

He announced earlier this week that he will host an EU ministerial meeting on Europe’s space strategy next month.

“I’ll make announcements about our strategy,” he told Le Parisien.

It comes three years after former US President Donald Trump announced the formation of the US Space Force.

Many other countries, including France, Russia, China, and the United Kingdom, have followed suit since then.

They aim to protect the nation’s assets in space, conduct military operations, and engage in space warfare if necessary.

Mr. Macron’s call for an EU-wide space strategy comes as China and Russia ramp up their space activities.

Both recently conducted military drills that included missile launches, putting astronauts’ lives in jeopardy.

Vladimir Putin and are even more concerning.

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