Macron proposes yet another state of emergency in France, inciting outrage across the country.


Macron proposes yet another state of emergency in France, inciting outrage across the country.

EMMANUEL MACRON has warned that if the controversial health pass is not implemented, France will face another lockdown, causing widespread indignation.

Following nationwide protests, the French President attempted to justify the unpopular policies in a video posted to his Instagram account. Because the new health pass will apply to pubs, cafes, and restaurants, tens of thousands of demonstrators accused Mr Macron of conducting a vaccine “dictatorship.”

In an Instagram video, Mr Macron responded to a person who said that the extension of the health pass had turned France into a country that doesn’t respect freedom by saying, “Without the health pass, another lockdown would come.”

“If we didn’t have the health pass today, we would have been obliged to have another lockdown, putting a hardship on everyone,” he continued.

“Those who have not yet been vaccinated are only eligible for the health pass.

“I would be happy to abandon the health pass, mask, and barrier gestures against the virus because that would mean one very simple thing: that the battle would be won and the epidemic would be over, but unfortunately that is not the case,” said Florian Philippot, President of the Les Patriotes party.

“You have to back Macron to truly believe in this health pass/lockdown threat,” he declared on Twitter.

“Or being brainwashed for 18 months by fear propaganda. Or you’ll be tainted.

“Because Macron clearly does not believe it himself; he is far too intelligent and well-informed for that!”

“Dares to say Macron, who is supposed to preserve national unity,” Mr Philippot remarked, referring to Mr Macron’s claim that “with the Health Pass, we just put the load on the unvaccinated.”

“And then we’re told there’s no discrimination, segregation, or apartheid?” Come on, imagine your nightmares! “Lockdowns were never effective, even before vaccines,” Joffrey Bollée, a member of Les Patriotes, added.

“With less dangerous variants and vaccines for the weakest, there is less reason than ever to succumb to this heinous and deceptive blackmail.” Starting August 9, it will be mandatory to show a health pass proving that you have been vaccinated or have tested negative for Covid in any new setting, including long-distance transportation, restaurants, and cafés.

Following the July 21 launch of the limited health pass, French citizens expressed their dissatisfaction. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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