Macron linked Pétain to Pétain on the EU army push’s “threat to withdraw from UN seat.”


Macron linked Pétain to Pétain on the EU army push’s “threat to withdraw from UN seat.”


Henri Gallois, a French politician and head of the ‘Generation Frexit’ movement, has responded to rumors that French President Emmanuel Macron would give up his UN Security Council position in exchange for a chance to join the EU army.

Mr Gallois responded to the Daily Telegraph, saying, “If genuine, Macron, who paid respect to Pétain, would go down in history at the same level as him.” He went on to say that if Mr Macron did give up France’s seat, “it’s difficult to imagine a bigger treason.”

Mr Macron said in 2018 that paying respect to Marshal Philippe Pétain, a World War 1 hero who later collaborated with Nazi Germany in World War 2, was “legitimate.”

Mr. Macron’s support for Marshal Pétain’s festivities in 2018 generated outrage, prompting the President’s administration to immediately retract Mr. Macron’s statement.

In response to the Telegraph’s front page today, France Jamet, a French MEP and member of the National Front, said succinctly: “Macron would be capable of it.”

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front and Macron’s political opponent, also took to Twitter to comment to the Daily Telegraph.

“According to many assertions in a Daily Telegraph story by Sandro Gozi, Macron offered to hand over our position in the Security Council in exchange for a move toward a European army,” she claimed.

“If this information is correct, it is treason against the nation,” she continued.

“If it isn’t, Emmanuel Macron needs to speak up quickly.”

The President of the French Republic’s official Twitter account, @Elysee, responded to the Daily Telegraph piece and Mr Macron’s political detractors.

“No, France has not volunteered to give up its place on the United Nations Security Council, contrary to the reports of the British tabloid Daily Telegraph reported this morning,” the account tweeted.

“It is French property, and it will remain so.”

According to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Macron may be willing to put France’s UN Security Council seat “at the disposal of the European Union.”

This would be contingent on EU nations supporting Macron’s proposals for a “EU army,” according to a source close to the French president quoted by the Telegraph.

Following Brexit, France is the only EU country with a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

The other four are occupied by the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, and China. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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