Macron is on the verge of losing the election after a remark about the unvaccinated.


Macron is on the verge of losing the election after a remark about the unvaccinated.

EMMANUEL MACRON appears to be on the verge of losing the election after making a crude remark about the unvaccinated.

The French President recently admitted that his Covid “strategy” was to “p*** off” those who had not been vaccinated against Covid for a variety of personal reasons, and he has now been warned that this approach will cause French voters to “p*** on” his chances of retaining power in the upcoming presidential elections.

“As for the non-vaccinated, I really want to p*** them off,” Mr Macron told the newspaper Le Parisien.

“And we’ll keep doing it until the very end.”

“This is the plan.”

He denied intending to “p*** off” any other French people, but a number of senior French MEPs have chastised Mr Macron for doing so throughout his presidency.

They went on to say that he will have to “answer” for this during the next election.

“Emmanuel Macron has been p*g off the French people for four and a half years now, in all areas,” Nicolas Bay, Vice-President of the Identity and Democracy group in the European Parliament, wrote on Twitter.

“He exasperates and enrages me to no end.

In April of next year, he’ll have to account for it.”

“‘P*** off,”worthless,”lazy… Macron has spent five years insulting the French! It’s time to end it!” said Manon Aubry, President of the European Parliament’s Left Group.

The President’s announcement came amid the emergence of the Omicron Covid variant, which is thought to spread faster than previous strains but is less severe.

The European Union denies that Crown stamps on pint glasses in the United Kingdom are prohibited.

Mr Bay claimed that his “strategy” was not only unjustifiable but also rude.

“Even if that 10% of non-vaccinated people gets the jab, life will not change because the vaccine does not prevent infections,” he said.

“I’m not anti-vaccine,” he said, but added, “Even if we have a 100 percent vaccination rate, we will continue to have cases.”

“The government wants to blame non-vaccinated people for the pandemic, which is both futile and incorrect.”

According to recent polling, Mr Macron is likely to win re-election in April, despite his recent jibe, which is likely to unnerve many of his supporters.

Only two-thirds of unvaccinated people in France “reject the vaccine outright,” according to a study published in Public Sénat by a sociologist from Inserm.

Jeremy Ward discovered that some people had not been vaccinated due to medical reasons.

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