Macron is facing the ultimate humiliation: France has turned against him and told him to copy. Boris


Macron is facing the ultimate humiliation: France has turned against him and told him to copy. Boris

EMMANUEL MACRON is facing the ultimate humiliation as the French electorate turns against him, pushing him to follow Boris Johnson’s lead on coronavirus bans.

The French President announced broad steps this week to combat a fast increase in new coronavirus illnesses. As the highly contagious Delta strain fans a new round of illnesses, Mr Macron went further than most other European countries in doing so.

Some critics of Mr Macron’s proposal, which begins in August and requires shopping malls, cafes, bars, and restaurants to verify all consumers’ health cards, accuse him of infringing on people’s rights and discriminating against those who do not want the Covid shot.

Florian Philippot, the head of Les Patriotes, has asked the public to march to the streets of Paris this weekend.

“If Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, had to proclaim the full return of freedoms to his country from July 19, it is partially because he was put under great popular pressure,” he said in an email to his fans.

“Hundreds of thousands of Britons marched to the streets in London just a few days ago to demand freedom. And it was successful!

“After 18 months of a nameless liberticidal madness, the totalitarian measures unveiled by Emmanuel Macron on Monday evening, the apartheid policy that he forcefully imposed on France, these anti-science policies deserve a popular response at least as powerful as in the UK!

“In the minutes after his dictatorial speech, Les Patriotes and I determined to make our weekly gathering on Saturday, July 17 a historic one.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime procession for Liberty.

“This parade will leave the Place du Palais Royal in Paris at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 17th, from where the Council of State and the Constitutional Council meet, and we will march with power, peace, and righteousness to the Ministry of Health.

Boris Johnson’s ‘salvation’ proposal is laid out by Rejoiner.

“Political movements and individuals have informed me that they will take part in this parade. All pro-liberty forces have been invited.

“It is an appeal to all the people of France.”

This week, police in Paris clashed with protestors opposing President Macron’s plan.

Mr Macron claims that the vaccine is the most effective approach to return France to normalcy, and that he is encouraging as many people as possible to get it. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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