Macron is facing an onslaught over French identity cards written in English, and he says, “We’re proud!”


Macron is facing an onslaught over French identity cards written in English, and he says, “We’re proud!”

The government of EMMANUEL MACRON is facing a legal challenge over the use of English on new French ID cards that have been issued since August 2021.

The French Academy has asked President Emmanuel Macron to suspend the country’s biometric identity card because of its “excessive” use of English translations, which it claims is unconstitutional.

Right-wing critics have claimed that the government is “erasing” French identity with this move.

A microchip and a QR code are included in the biometric ID card, which was first introduced in August 2021.

But it’s the fact that every category has been translated into English, so it’s awash with words like “name,” “given name,” “date of birth,” “nationality,” “place of birth,” “date of issue,” and so on that has the venerable academy’s back up.

The body is protesting a violation of the Toubon law of 1994, which mandated that administrative documents be written in French, as well as Article 2 of the French Constitution, which states that “French is the Republic’s language.”

The academy has asked the Prime Minister to intervene for the first time in its 400-year history, threatening to take the matter to France’s State Council, which deals with constitutional issues.

The Academy’s director, Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, told Le Figaro that the body would normally issue a simple statement on the matter.

“Nowadays, however, everyone’s comments are on the same footing,” she added, “so a different approach is required.”

“Thanks to the French Academy for defending our language in the face of the continuous invasion of English, while Macron believes there is no such thing as French culture!” said National Rally leader Marine Le Pen in response to the move.

“It is past time for the Republic to elect a president who is proud of the French language and culture.”

The Academy was also congratulated by Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois.

“Congratulations to the French Academy for defending our beautiful language! This new identity card is the result of a European regulation,” he said.

Donald Trump’s social media platform, known as the ‘App of Lies,’ has been blasted.

“The document title should also appear in at least one additional official language of the institutions of the union,” according to a European regulation dated June 20, 2019, so only the words “identity card” must be translated.

However, the regulation allows for the translation of all “well-established designations” into another EU language if desired.

France chose the version that was fully bilingual –.

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