Macron is facing a new challenge to his presidency, and Bertrand has promised to clean up Macron’s mess.


Macron is facing a new challenge to his presidency, and Bertrand has promised to clean up Macron’s mess.

Xavier Bertrand, a political adversary of EMMANUEL MACRON, has threatened to depose him as President of France.

Xavier Bertrand is quickly establishing himself as a strong contender for the position of French President. Many expected Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen to face off in next year’s presidential elections. Bertrand’s campaign, on the other hand, is gaining traction. So, who is this popular underdog, and what is his cause?

Former Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Xavier Bertrand, is 56 years old.

He is running as a center-right candidate, and he has effectively abandoned his former party, Les Républicains, for the time being in order to run for president on his own.

Mr Bertrand feels that by running as the anti-Macron candidate, he may improve his chances.

In recent regional elections, Mr. Macron and his government were penalized.

Many voters hold him responsible for the country’s rising economic inequality.

Many others believe his government unfairly favors Paris over the rest of France.

Yellow Vest protests have overshadowed the president’s third year in office, demonstrating widespread dissatisfaction with the present French government.

Mr Bertrand has so far emphasized his working-class upbringing and ties to provincial France in order to attract support in the French provinces, which he alleges Mr Macron and his party ignore.

Mr Bertrand won a second term in his northern Hauts-de-France seat by a landslide, defeating the far-right contender.

Both Marine Le Pen’s and Emmanuel Macron’s parties suffered crushing defeats in provincial elections, but Mr Bertrand’s campaign has steadily gained ground in national surveys since then.

Mr Bertrand would receive 18 percent of the vote in the first round of the presidential election next April, according to a recent poll quoted by Bloomberg.

Bertrand, like Le Pen and Macron, would win roughly 25% of the vote, making him a formidable candidate.

However, he has stiff competition from others in the same central-right position.

Valerie Pecresse and Laurent Wauquiez, two other hopefuls, might derail Mr Bertrand’s intentions.

They are popular regional presidents who share Mr Bertrand’s campaign stances.

Mr Bertrand had “strengthened his position, his legitimacy” following the first round, according to Christèle Lagier, Assistant Politics Professor at Avignon University.

“However, the battle among Les Républicains will be fierce… “Brinkwire Summary News” says, “I expect his political family to lay down plenty of banana skins.”


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