Macron is bracing for even more protest turmoil, with firefighters threatening to shut down France as a result of a countrywide strike.


Macron is bracing for even more protest turmoil, with firefighters threatening to shut down France as a result of a countrywide strike.

Thousands of firefighters have threatened to strike over mandatory vaccines, and EMMANUEL MACRON is bracing for more protests.

The Autonomous Federation of Professional Firefighters and Specialized Administrative and Technical Staff (FA SPP-PATS) has slammed plans for forced vaccinations for select essential personnel, claiming that the move would be a “constitutional violation.”

The union, which represents about 7,000 firefighters, might go on strike as early as next Monday.

The French President has proposed legislation that would make vaccination mandatory for personnel in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

By the middle of September, firefighters, select troops, and professionals and volunteers who work with the elderly will be forced to be vaccinated.

To enter most public venues in France, citizens must have a health pass that shows proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test.

The decision was made last month, and it resulted in an initial rise of vaccinations.

However, it generated widespread protests from some members of the public.

This week, a French constitutional court will rule on the measure.

“The bill dealing to the handling of the health crisis, which allows for in particular and under penalty the forced vaccination of firefighters, violates the constitution,” the FA SPP-PATS said in a statement.

The union’s spokesman, André Goretti, said, “We’ll see what the Constitutional Council says, and then we’ll decide on the next steps.”

“We are not in the midst of a political battle, but this is excessive.”

Mr Goretti went on to say that the union is “not opposed to vaccination,” but that authorities should treat firefighters equally to other critical personnel.

“If you keep the vaccine requirement for firefighters, then we demand the same legislative and social benefits as caregivers,” he stated.

In a third weekend of protests, 200,000 people marched through towns and cities across France.

Following complaints of freedoms being taken away, more anti-vaxx demonstrations are planned for Saturday.

President Macron has slammed the anti-vaccine campaign, accusing those behind it of “losing all reasoning” and vowing not to give in to “extreme violence.”

“I believe that the fundamental life of democracies is at stake,” Mr Macron said in an interview with the French magazine Paris Match.

“Their mentality is a threat to democracy,” says the author. Everything gets mixed up with them.”

In addition, the under fire leader has refuted charges of an authoritarian approach to the coronavirus, insisting. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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