Macron has been targeted twice in the in three months; will he be deposed in 2022? The most recent approval ratings.


Macron has been targeted twice in the in three months; will he be deposed in 2022? The most recent approval ratings.

Following an incident in June in which he was smacked in the face at an engagement, EMMANUEL MACRON was assaulted with an egg during a visit to a trade show on Monday. But how well-liked is France’s President? In 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron became the youngest president in the country’s history. In recent months, Mr Macron has received widespread plaudits for his efforts during the coronavirus pandemic and for France’s vaccination campaign, resulting in a surge in popularity for the president. On the other hand, another attack on Mr Macron on Monday could signify a shift in his popularity.

France is entering its pre-election phase, with the country’s leader likely to increase his public appearances in the run-up to the April 10-24 election.

Mr. Macron will not publicly declare his candidacy for a second term until the beginning of next year.

However, due to his management of the Covid problem and vaccination initiatives, his approval ratings have risen in recent months.

However, Mr Macron’s assassination on September 27 is the second in as many months, generating speculation over whether he will be deposed in 2022.

On Monday, Mr Macron was hit in the shoulder by an egg as he passed through a crowd at an event promoting French cuisine.

At the gastronomic trade expo in Lyon, the 43-year-old French leader was hit by an egg that bounced off him without shattering.

Footage from the event was rapidly circulated on social media, showing a guy being escorted away by what appeared to be members of Mr Macron’s security detail.

The egg thrower’s identity has yet to be revealed.

“If he has something to tell me, he can come,” Mr Macron said, according to reporters on the scene.

“I’ll talk to him after,” he added. “Go find him.” A demonstrator shouted “Vive la revolution” during the international catering, hotel, and culinary trade expo.

The egg-throwing incident is the second occasion in less than three months that Mr Macron has been attacked while greeting a throng.

Mr Macron was meeting locals in the southeast town of Tain-l’Hermitage in June when he was smacked by a far-right sympathiser.

During the assault, the culprit yelled “down with Macronism,” for which he was later sentenced to four months in prison. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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