Macron claimed that France will spend £9 million from the UK on new technology to prevent cross-Channel crossings.


Macron claimed that France will spend £9 million from the UK on new technology to prevent cross-Channel crossings.

On Monday night, EMMANUEL MACRON’s government stated how the country will use the monies provided by the UK to prevent migrants from crossing the Channel.

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, agreed a £54 million pact with France in July to double police patrols on beaches where hundreds of asylum seekers pay smugglers an average of £3,300 to board a boat and cross the Channel. This year, the French authorities have intercepted 18,000 migrants attempting to cross the border, but this only accounts for 40% of all attempted crossings.

However, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin intends to increase those figures by providing new types of equipment to local governments.

“More than 100 mobile vehicles are being supplied on the ground for patrols and arrests, with equipment fitted to the peculiar character of the terrain,” a spokesman for the interior ministry said.

Quad cycles, 4x4s, rigid-hulled boats, and “vehicles equipped with advanced monitoring and detection technology” will be provided to officers.

“Twenty vehicles have already been supplied and are being used by the forces on a daily basis,” the official said.

“The rest of them will come in December and throughout 2022.”

However, as of yet, the new criteria do not include the hiring of any additional people.

The British money would be used on “high-performance night-vision equipment” and thermal cameras, according to Emmanuel Macron’s Minister.

Also purchased were “specially suited apparel,” searchlights, interception and communication equipment, and torches.

“As part of the fight against illegal immigration along the Channel coast, and to protect the lives of people who are frequently in distress, the ministry of the interior is deploying its security forces day and night to monitor the coastline, prevent makeshift boats from leaving for Britain, and arrest people smugglers,” the spokesman added.

Mr Darmanin’s new plan was published after he rejected Priti Patel’s idea to allow UK police to work on the other side of the Channel.

“We are glad that the French are now conducting this work to assist prevent these abhorrent crossings,” a British government source said.

However, last week’s sources claimed Boris Johnson was “exasperated” by the unresolved migrant situation.

“Boris is exasperated,” a senior government source told The New York Times.

“This is one of his top objectives, and he’s concerned that there are still no credible alternatives after two years.”

“No matter what, he’s urged ministers to redouble their efforts to address this,” Brinkwire Summary News reports.


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