LYDIA STARBUCK explains why Prince Charles will make a great king.


LYDIA STARBUCK explains why Prince Charles would make a great king.

Prince Charles has been at the center of royal activity this month, from meeting and greeting world leaders at the COP26 summit in Glasgow to embarking on a major royal tour of the Middle East.

And one major appearance, on the eve of his 73rd birthday, stood out above the rest.

Charles took the central seat in the royal box at the Festival of Remembrance because The Queen was resting on doctor’s orders.

Camilla was on one side, Kate on the other, and the man in the middle had never looked like a king in the making.

It was an impressive sight all around.

In truth, the past month has served as a reminder to all who need it that Britain’s longest-serving heir is going to be a good monarch.

For a long time, the hints have been present.

Charles possesses all of the confidence and charisma required to be a great king, and the public is beginning to recognize this.

To be fair, he hasn’t always made things simple for us.

He has the reputation of being the prince of dreams, with a penchant for sharing big ideas about big problems.

Charles’ environmental activism was dismissed in previous decades as irrational, but that is exactly what the world wants right now, and Charles is ready for his close-up.

The Prince has recently reminded us that the issues that are most important to many people today, such as the environment, have been his passion for decades.

And he’s not afraid to say it, a strong sign of leadership that bodes well for a man who will one day be the country’s most powerful figure.

Furthermore, he is publicly endorsing initiatives aimed at assisting a diverse group of people across the United Kingdom.

Many of the Prince’s projects, from assisting young people to fostering interfaith relationships, address issues that are important to communities across the country that will one day call him king.

Charles has a good understanding of how the country works and possesses all of the qualities that all great monarchs possess.

Camilla, who has become the epitome of a model consort in the twenty-first century, has been by his side, and increasingly so.

It belongs to the couple.

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