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Luxury floating Bora Bora ‘houseboat’ has rooftop lounge

Behold this spectacular luxury villa – that’s also a boat.

Eye-opening renderings have been released of the ultimate houseboat, a four-bedroom floating presidential suite with a 360-degree rooftop lounge that will take guests on tours of the dazzling turquoise lagoon of Bora Bora, a volcanic paradise island in French Polynesia.  

It has been commissioned by Bora Bora-based company ELYT Charter Tahiti, which says the design of the catamaran vessel – currently under construction – has been inspired by ‘ancient Polynesian voyaging canoes’. A quick glance at the images reveals that the connection is merely a passing resemblance.

The houseboat, which will be 51ft (15.6m) long when completed, will have a total living area of 120 square metres (1,291 square feet) across its two decks and enough space to accommodate eight guests.

As well as the four bedrooms, there will also be two bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen and a dining area.

The boat will also come complete with a barbecue, a sound system, two inflatable kayaks, two inflatable SUP boards and snorkelling gear.

Guests won’t be able to sail it themselves. Instead, a captain will take the boat to ‘prime moorings’ in the lagoon.

This is partly because navigation in Bora Bora ‘can be tricky due to shallow reefs’ and ‘casting anchors can be harmful to coral and marine life’.

ELYT says: ‘With ELYT, you can watch the sun rise and then move to the other side of the island to enjoy the sunset. Your captain will move the boat on our selected locations based on your pre-programmed itinerary. The ELYT team will make sure to bring you on the right spots so you can make the most out of your trip while helping to protect the island.’

Guests, it adds, will ‘enjoy Bora Bora from every angle’. 

The catamaran is being built without a diesel engine, with ELYT Charter Tahiti saying solar panels and lithium batteries ‘will take care of propulsion, hot water, lights and household equipment’. 

A further eco-measure comes in the form of an in-hull wastewater treatment system. 

The ELYT Charter Tahiti website explains: ‘This exclusive houseboat was custom-designed to experience the beautiful and calm lagoons of the islands of Tahiti.

‘Our ambition is to offer a new way to experience our islands with a modern boat that has space in mind, that celebrates the Polynesian history of vaka (boats) and that respects the environment.’

The charter company had hoped to launch the boat this summer, but construction has been delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, ELYT Charter Tahiti says it hopes it will be launched before the end of the year. 

Rental prices start from £1,350 ($1,776) per night. 

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