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Lux Skin Co: The most popular beauty gadgets in Australia for a FRACTION of the cost

An Australian skincare brand is selling some of the country’s most in-demand at-home beauty gadgets for a fraction of the cost. 

With DIY routines becoming the norm for thousands of women and men during the pandemic, Lux Skin has launched a range of popular tools with the promise of ‘high quality at an affordable price’ – and the results and reviews speak for themselves. 

Best-selling and high-rated tools on the website include a laser hair removal handset ($89), a microdermabrasion kit ($29), an LED rejuvenation wand ($39) and an LED face mask ($49) – all of which typically retail for hundreds of dollars.  

Other gadgets include a body sculpting handset, a facial steamer, a spin cleansing brush, a jade roller and a ‘sonic’ exfoliating wand.  

Slashed in price from $299 to just $89, this little handheld gadget is saving men and women a small fortune in hair removal costs. 

Complete with a one-year warranty, the DIY handset utilises ‘clinical grade technology’ that has been ‘adapted for safe and effective at home hair removal’ on any body part (except for near the eyes) in a matter of minutes.  

Since its launch customers have been blown away by the quick results and painless application. 

‘I honestly did not have high expectations for an online purchase, however I’ve been pleasantly surprised,’ a reviewer wrote. 

‘I can already tell it’s working. What hair growth I do have in a week is more patchy and sparse on my legs, underarms, and bikini area.’

Another added: ‘I’ve been skeptical of buying an at home IPL laser but this one has me very impressed and absolutely sold. 

‘I started using this in smaller areas and quickly tried it on my legs and I can’t believe after one use my thick dark leg hair was at least reduced by 50 per cent.’

The handsets have 300,000 flashes, so if used as directed should last ’10 years’.

‘Our handsets have an energy output of 4.9J/cm2 which means it is ideal for hair removal and is also approved for safe and effective at-home use,’ Lux Co writes.

As with all laser hair removal, the light is unfortunately ineffective on very light blonde, red, or grey coloured hair. 

Similar devices include those from HappySkin ($299), Philips ($799) and Remington ($399). 

Utilising the combined benefits radio frequency energy, high frequency massage and LED light therapy, this $39 USB device typically retails for more than $300 and promises ‘clearer and smoother’ skin in a matter of weeks.

The wand, which is used to massage in serums and creams, comes with five light settings that are said to have a range of benefits for the skin.

They claim red treats wrinkles and enhances collagen regeneration, green improves dark spots, blue treats acne and oily skin, yellow brightens skin and pink ‘whitens’ redness in the skin. 

The four metal points release warmth and micro-currents to help increase blood circulation and absorption of serum or moisturiser. It is designed for use on the face and neck only. 

Hundreds of customers have shared before and after snaps and five-star reviews of the wand since its launch, with many reporting a noticeable difference in a matter of weeks.  

‘It is magic wand, I bought it in July, and used it three days a week as per the requirement and I have started to see big difference. Very happy,’ one woman wrote. 

‘This is a brilliant bit of kit. So simple to use, just charge it up and away you go. There is a colour chart in the box to explain which colour targets what. You can feel it working as it moves over the face,’ another added.

‘I had two deep wrinkles between my eyebrows on my forehead and they have virtually disappeared. Highly recommend.’

Similar devices include those from LightStim ($260), MiSMON ($99.99), Ausioo ($139). 

At just $29, this five-minute treatment gadget promises a ‘simple and effective microdermabrasion treatment’ from home. 

The best-selling device exfoliates the outer layer of the skin, removes excess oil and blackheads and prevents pimple formation through increased blood flow.   

Best results are achieved when it is used in sweeping/gliding motions over the face after a hot shower or steaming session, followed by a splash of cold water to tighten the pores. 

‘It will assist in skin rejuvenation and tightening; ultimately it leaves you with brighter and younger skin,’ the product description reads.   

‘I absolutely love this thing! It is WELL worth the buy and it’s as what it’s hyped up to be! It sucks everything out effortlessly,’ one customer wrote. 

‘After I got used to it on my face it was literally clearing it all up really well! The first days or should I say the day you use it it’ll leave a bit of redness by the next day and days after it’ll look great and you’ll start to notice the difference,’ another added.

Similar devices include those from Lumae Skin ($168), Dr Pen Australia ($129), and Bella Vita ($69).

LED light therapy has taken off over the past few years, with home devices often costing upwards of $200. 

Lux’s $49 option is wireless and promises to deliver the same powerful light treatment as more expensive devices. 

The mask comes with three different coloured light settings – red, blue and yellow – each with their own benefits for the skin like the rejuvenation wand. 

The mask has had thousands of five-star review since its launch, with many noticing significant improvements in fine lines and acne in as little as one week. 

‘It’s so practical! I can use it while doing many things! I use each color for the time it stays on [10 minutes]! Love the feeling it leaves on my skin! I use it at night and the following day my skin feels so nice and firm,’ one woman wrote.  

Another added: ‘I’ve used this for just over a week. I’ve been using the blue LED setting every morning, due to cystic acne issues being what I really wanted to tackle. 

‘B****y love this mask! Haven’t had a single new blemish since and my skin has cleared up so quickly.’     

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