Lurcher who has been at a Yorkshire dog rescue shelter for eight years and is in serious need of a home.


Lurcher who has been at a Yorkshire dog rescue shelter for eight years and is in serious need of a home.

After spending more than eight years in a canine rescue shelter in West Yorkshire, an appeal has been started to assist a Lurcher find his forever home.

Benny, a dog believed to be between the ages of nine and ten, has been a resident of Lurcher Link Rescue in Halifax since January 2013. The little pup was discovered resting on a hard floor in a stray pound, covered in scars and calluses, suffering from worms and underweight.

Volunteers are unsure if Benny ever had a home, but he was clearly a mistreated animal that has been waiting for an owner for eight years and seven months.

Despite being placed in several homes for trial periods, the dog has been returned several times due to people being unable to cope with leaving him alone at home.

All of the volunteers who have helped nurture Benny and show him love and care throughout the years are eager to see him go to a loving home with a permanent sofa to sleep on.

He was characterized as “a star and a true darling” by a volunteer walker at Lurcher Link Rescue, who “was fantastic on the lead and loves cuddling.”

“We met Benny yesterday and walked him,” remarked another. He tugged a little at first, but as he realized he couldn’t do it, he was quite well behaved.

“He’s a dashing young man with a sweet, carefree demeanor. He was on high alert much of the time, watching what was going on in the fields around him.

“However, he was attentive and eager to please.”

Since its inception in 2003, the Lurcher Link Rescue has rescued approximately 1,000 Lurchers who would have otherwise been euthanized.

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Benny gained weight at the kennels and was socialized with other dogs and people, resulting in him becoming a happy and devoted dog.

Anyone interested in adopting Benny should go to the Lurcher Link Rescue website for additional information.

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