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Luohu commends role model teachers

The Luohu district government held a meeting on Sept. 10 to celebrate the 36thTeachers’ Day in the country and commend role models in the education sector.

At the meeting, 20 units and 1,855 individuals, among whom 208 are teachers with over 30 years of experience, were commended and awarded.

Luohu Party chief Luo Yude and Luohu government head Liu Zhiyong extended heartfelt wishes to teachers in the district.

Xiong Guowei, the chairperson of the standing committee of the people’s congress of Luohu district, Wu Yuzhong, chair of the district’s political advisory body, and Wang Shuifa, deputy chief of Shenzhen education bureau, also attended the meeting.

Luo Yude said:“Luohu will continue to uphold its objective of providing excellent courses, continuously advance education reform, pursue the quality development of the education cause, and make education the core competitiveness of the district and the pride of local residents.”

On behalf of the Luohu Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Luohu government, Luo Yude expressed gratitude to all teachers and education support staff in Luohu for their hard work and care for the students.

Luo said that although schools were closed during the COVID-19 epidemic, teaching and learning were still going on, as about 110,000 students in Luohu moved to online learning. Thanks to the teachers’ hard work, surveys show that 98.1 % of the sampled students were satisfied with their online courses; the schools and kindergartens worked closely with the parents, and the re-opening was smooth — nearly 150,000 students have safely returned to kindergartens and schools in different batches as planned.

In recent years, Luohu’s spending on education has increased year by year. Statistics show its education spending last year hit 4.36 billion yuan ($638 million), accounting for 38.63 % of its overall public budget, one of the highest among all districts in Shenzhen.

Luohu has tried its best to create necessary environments to help teachers improve their teaching skills and professional ethics. In 2018, the Luohu district government made a plan to cultivate young primary and middle school teachers in which the government customizes a cultivation plan for each teacher in the hope that he or she can build a successful career.

The government also offers government-subsidized housing, a teaching foundation, training programs, special medical care, health counseling services, and meal subsidies for teachers.

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