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Luohu builds unified login system for govt services

The Luohu district government has reformed its administrative affairs service terminals so that local residents can log in to a unified government service and information system with their real identities.

Previously, people needed to log in to the websites or terminals of different government departments to access their respective services and information.

At the call of the Guangdong provincial government to streamline the government-related websites and online services, Luohu took advantage of the data resources of the province’s unified identity authentication platform to regulate the access to all government-related websites and digital services.

The purpose of the reform is to make it more convenient for people to use the online governance service systems operated by the government.

Luohu has realized data-sharing across all its websites and data resources and built a unified government service login system. People can log in with their real identities and enter a “personal homepage” of their respective user space where they can customize the government services they need.

Luohu has optimized the database related to government service and information to make the information more reader-friendly so that people can easily find the information and service they need. For instance, Luohu has categorized more than 30,000 pieces of data to 984 kinds of businesses in 15 sectors so that the new user-oriented login system is smarter and more responsive.

Luohu also offers service- and information-push operations to users based on their age, identity and user record. The services that a local resident needs throughout his or her life are classified into 58 services in nine categories, such as household registration, school seat application, government-subsidized houses applications, and business registration, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the system and its user’s experience.

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