Loved ones appear in your dreams as a “younger version of themselves” after death.


Loved ones appear in your dreams as a “younger version of themselves” after death.

THE EXPERIENCE OF AN AFTER-DEATH VISITATION DREAM is becoming more common among those who have experienced loss and mourning.

They’re distinguished by the sight of deceased loved ones in dreams, who frequently give messages of comfort and hope. Dreams can help people cope with their loss by appearing to be extremely real. Dreams, according to Tree Carr, author of ‘DREAMS: How to Connect with Your Dreams to Enrich Your Life,’ deliver “incredible levels of healing and closure.”

She explores the pattern and rhythms of these visitations dreams on her YouTube channel Lucid Dream Tree.

They are usually brief and vivid, with the departed person interacting in a “very positive” manner.

“Typically, the deceased loved one appears to be a healthier or perhaps younger version of themselves before they died,” Ms Carr writes.

“There is usually a little discussion.

“Normally, the dialogue goes something like this: ‘How are you?’ I’m doing fine, and I’m quite content right now.’

“Or the discussion might be a message from the deceased loved one, such as ‘I am always here with you,’ or some other reassuring message.”

According to psychic Anne Reith, deceased loved ones visit us in our dreams because spiritual entities find it easier to speak with us when we are sleeping.

She then goes on to relate a visitation by her deceased mother in a dream she had 20 years ago, while going through a particularly trying time in her life, on her website.

Ms. Reith claims she was in her house during a tremendous storm in her dream.

A large tree close by was being uprooted by severe gusts and was ready to crash upon the house and crush her.

“At that time in the dream, my mum appeared a little distance in front of me,” the psychic explained.

“We were standing side by side. She made an open Y shape with her hands above her head.

“I stood there terrified as the tree crashed through the roof, crashing down on both of us.

“However, the tree split in two and fell on either side of us before it hit us.

“She stared into my eyes from the minute she came in the dream.

“She didnâ€TMt say anything, but she made it very plain to me that everything would be fine.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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