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Love Island’s Tayla stranded in Lebanon after bank account was hacked

Love Island winner Tayla Damir went though every traveller’s worst nightmare when she was left stranded in Lebanon with no money, after hackers targeted her bank accounts and ‘stole her identity’.

The reality star, 22, had been targeted by hackers who ‘cleaned out’ both her business and personal bank accounts while she was travelling around Europe. 

Taking to Instagram, Tayla told her followers that she is now safely back in Australia after the frightening ordeal that saw her seek help from the Australian Embassy in Lebanon, only to be told there was nothing they could do. 

Sharing photos from her overseas trip, Tayla wrote in the caption: ‘I’ve landed back in Australia and God it feels good to be home safe.’

She had been travelling through Greece and Lebanon, but was left stranded after hackers targeted her accounts while she was away. 

Tayla previously revealed how new bank cards sent to her home address had been stolen and her accounts ‘wiped clean’, but she wouldn’t be reimbursed for weeks.  

Tayla’s family in Australia had stepped in to help, sending her money when she arrived in Lebanon.

But hackers targeted her once again, leaving the model with nothing in her bank accounts.

She explained in a tearful Instagram video: ‘My family put money into my personal account so I could pay my bills, pay my rent and get back to Australia safely. 

‘[But] I got an email saying a suspicious amount has come out of my personal account… all the money my family had just put in had been wiped!’

The situation escalated when Tayla realised her Australian sim card had also been hacked, in addition to her email profiles.

Making matters worse, her bank had locked her out of her accounts and her PayPal password had been changed. 

Hackers had been trying to access both her Instagram and Facebook accounts too.

Tayla sought help from the Australian Embassy in Lebanon, but claimed they ‘did nothing’ to help besides handing her a phone she could use.

Her bank, NAB, was also ‘unhelpful’, according to Tayla.

She claimed: ‘I pretty much got told as a 22-year-old, you are stranded in Lebanon with no money. Not our problem, we’ll deal with it in the morning.

‘I was so upset, bawling my eyes out in the embassy. It’s pretty scary to know that someone has stolen my identity.’

She added of the ordeal: ‘It’s so much harder when you’re on the other side of the world, with people who don’t speak your language and somebody is literally stealing your identity. It’s pretty stressful.’

When contacted by Daily Mail Australia, a spokesperson for NAB stated: ‘Our security team made contact with Tayla while she was overseas and were able to assist her. 

‘These situations are obviously distressing for the customer, especially when they are overseas, and we’re glad we’ve been able to help Tayla through this matter.’ 

A spokesperson for the Australian Embassy in Lebanon has also been contacted for comment and clarification.

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