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Love Island’s Malin Andersson poses in bright orange lingerie as she urges followers to embrace their bodies

LOVE Island’s Malin Andersson posed in a bright orange underwear set as she urged her followers to embrace their bodies.

Malin, 26, is frequently praised for sharing realistic body shots on Instagram and encouraging fans to be proud of their bodies.

But she admitted she hasn’t always been as accepting of herself as she is nowadays when she opened up on her journey to feeling body confident.

She captioned her latest photi: “I used to hate bras. I used to hate the fat. The back fat. The bra fat.

“I wouldn’t wear tight tops because you could see the indent of the bra through it. I also tried to wear non-wired and bandeau in hope you couldn’t see any back fat and that it was smooth.

“I recently got my back tattooed with two butterfly’s to show myself the growth. The growth of a caterpillar into a butterfly – and that it is possible to GROW in all areas of life and come out the other side.

“I learnt to accept my body when I finally accepted who I am.”

It’s not the first time Malin has helped fans to feel more love for their figures,

The 26-year-old Love Island star oozed body confidence as she strutted her stuff on holiday in Corfu in a Primark underwear set last month.

Malin showed off all angles of her body in her £5 lacy blue knickers and bra and has been praised by her fans for showing off her unfiltered body. 


Malin regularly attempts to combat the unrealistic images that are shown on social media with candid, body-positive posts.

The refreshing post went down well with her followers, with one saying: “Never been so happy to find an Instagram like I am to find yours. absolute inspiration.”

Another added: “Beaut! You look incredible.. and most importantly, happy and content (period aside).”

Since being uploaded just hours ago, it has already racked up over 130,000 views. 

Malin previously revealed she took laxatives and made herself sick before spending £7k on surgery to get the perfect body after Love Island.

The reality star made the decision to go under the knife after being trolled online and she ended up getting a bum lift, liposuction and a boob job.

Speaking about her relationship with her body, she told Closer magazine: “I would never have dreamed of getting surgery if it hadn’t been for the trolls and my insecurities.

“I thought fixing the outside would fix me on the inside, too.

“I spent so long counting calories and weighing myself, getting rid of any food I put in my body –whether it was laxatives or making myself sick. I was unhappy and constantly feeling like I wasn’t good enough.”

Malin’s attitude towards her figure has changed in recent months and she has been praised for sharing realistic images of herself online.

Her outlook on life has also changed following the tragic death of her newborn baby daughter.

She was left devastated when her four-week-old daughter Consy passed away after being born seven weeks premature.

Malin previously lost her beloved mother to breast cancer in November 2017, naming her daughter Consy in her mum’s honour.

She added: “Time is short and life is short. What matters is being true  and real and I hope seeing a little bit of cellulite will make someone feel better about themselves.

“Experiencing losses opens up your eyes to what’s important.”

And Malin previously shared a harrowing photo of bloody nose and tears as she warns about domestic abuse.

She also wrote an emotional poem to late baby girl Consy ahead of Mother’s Day.

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