Lottery results for July 14 are now available in real time. What are the winning Lotto numbers for this Wednesday?


Lottery results for July 14 are now available in real time. What are the winning Lotto numbers for this Wednesday?

THE NATIONAL LOTTERY is giving out £5.1 million tonight, and one lucky ticket holder might become a multi-millionaire overnight. But, on Wednesday, July 14, what are the winning Lotto numbers?

More than £5 million is up for grabs in the Lotto tonight, and it could be you! You can play the Lotto online, through the National Lottery app, or in any participating shop. All you have to do is enter numbers for each line you want to play, or if you’re not sure about guessing, you can choose a Lucky Dip at random.

Di Foster just won the Lotto jackpot, winning a stunning £1,049,669 on the National Lottery game.

Ms Foster was still processing her Lotto billionaire status when she received another surprise: her grandson handed her a shopping list with a list of all the items he wanted from his suddenly wealthy Nanna.

“My oldest grandson, Hayden (7), disappeared with a sheet of paper and colored pens as soon as he heard the news,” she said.

“In the midst of all the activity and excitement, we didn’t give it much thought until he reappeared a short time later with a really cute ‘shopping list’ of items he’d like me to get for him and his brother Theo!

“I won’t be buying everything, but Hayden, Theo, and their cousin will definitely get something.”

Ms Foster, who lives in Reading, purchased a Lucky Dip ticket in April for a Lotto Must Be Won draw.

The happy winner stated she was enjoying her coffee the day after the draw when she checked onto the National Lottery app and got the biggest surprise.

She described her feelings as follows: “I was utterly shocked.”

“Because I live alone and have established a support bubble with my daughter’s family, I put down my coffee and dashed over to Kelly’s to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.”

Kelly, 27, verified the app, and the two of them confirmed it by calling Camelot, the National Lottery’s parent business.

“As the girl on the phone verified I was a millionaire, my daughter had to bring me a glass of brandy to calm my nerves; I just erupted into tears of joy,” Ms Foster recalled.

Kelly and her mother, as well as her 23-year-old sister Jodie, are quite close, so a family shopping spree is a must. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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