Lorraine Kelly is taken aback when her Gogglebox co-star ‘Curtsy please’ bestows the title of Lady on her.


Lorraine Kelly is taken aback when her Gogglebox co-star ‘Curtsy please’ bestows the title of Lady on her.

LORRAINE KELLY was taken aback when singer and YouTube phenomenon KSI declared on her ITV show today that he had dubbed her a “Lady.”

Lorraine Kelly was left dumbfounded during an interview on her self-titled ITV show earlier today by KSI, who is most known for his phenomenal YouTube career and appearances on Celebrity Gogglebox. It comes after fans bestowed the Lady title on KSI, whose true name is Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji.

I want to be known as Lady Lorraine for the rest of my life.

Lorraine Kelly is a well-known actress.

Lorraine was conversing with the musician, who today released his debut album – All Over The Place, during her final show before heading off on a long summer vacation, when she quipped that she should bend before him.

The two have gotten friends over the years, with KSI, 28, having previously been on ITV’s mid-morning show.

KSI has made no secret of his admiration for Lorraine, claiming to having a “shrine” dedicated to the Scottish broadcaster.

Their friendship appears to have progressed to the next level.

“Obviously the last time we were here, we talked about my being a Lord, a fan made me a Lord,” KSI told Lorraine, 61.

“It is for this reason that I have made you a Lady.”

“Have you got the power to do that?” screamed the shocked presenter. “Have you done so?”

Lorraine was left speechless as she reached the side of her seat and picked up the gift that had been placed there prior to the interview.

“Look at this, Lady Lorraine Smith, I want to be recognized as Lady Lorraine Smith forevermore,” she proclaimed.

Before laughing, he said, “I want you all to genuflect, curtsy, everything of that.”

Lorraine quipped that it would be nothing out of the usual if personnel on Lorraine’s program bowed before her when KSI recommended it.

She said, “Well, they do it anyhow, KSI, they know that, they did it when you walked in.”

Lorraine expressed her thankfulness by saying, “You are gorgeous, I can’t believe you have the power to do that for me – gosh, look at that!”

“I adore the Lords of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; I even have a crest, so we are now Lord and Lady.”

Lorraine would be competing in KSI’s worldwide, it was disclosed elsewhere on the show. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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