Lord Frost is expected to back the party leadership challenge, putting the Tory civil war on a knife’s edge.


Lord Frost is expected to back the party’s leadership challenge, putting the Tory civil war on a knife’s edge.

Former Brexit Minister Lord Frost is expected to back a leadership challenge in the Conservative Party.

Lord Frost resigned from the cabinet last month, reportedly dissatisfied with a number of Boris Johnson’s recent policy decisions, particularly tough Covid restrictions, tax hikes, and “net zero” green policies. He told the Mail on Sunday, in his first interview since stepping down, that Mr Johnson should not leave office, but rather set a different tone about the country’s “direction of travel.”

Lord Frost believes that this includes being more “proud of our history,” “getting the country going economically again” – which he defines as “free markets, free debate, and low taxes” – and creating a sense that “something is changing here.”

Helene von Bismarck, a historian and Visiting Research Fellow at KCL, has questioned his comments.

“A man who has never been elected to anything shares his vision for the country in general and the Conservative Party in particular,” she wrote on Twitter, dismissing the article in which his interview was featured as a “puff piece.”

Lord Frost made it clear that his departure from the government, as well as his subsequent remarks, were not intended to cast doubt on Mr Johnson’s leadership abilities or on Mr Johnson as a person.

“I think he was sad to see me go,” he explained.

In that sense, I’m sorry to be leaving.

“However, it was a policy issue.”

It wasn’t about anything else, and I believe he got it.”

Mr Frost’s actions, according to Ms von Bismarck, were part of an attempt to change the Tory party’s top ranks.

“More than a hint of a looming leadership contest,” she believes his interview is laced with.

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“By more than a hint, I don’t mean that he would run, only that he would support a hawkish candidate,” she clarified later.

If a bid for the presidency is launched, speculation continues about who might be a good fit.

Nearly half of Tory voters believe Chancellor Rishi Sunak would make a better Prime Minister than Boris Johnson, according to a recent YouGov poll.

In response to Lord Frost’s “powerful and timely” remarks, the Bruges Group warned the Prime Minister that he should not wait to change the direction of his government.

“Boris has a decision to make,” it read.

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