Lord Frost, be steadfast! As the EU border row develops, the UK will not ‘bend over backwards.’


Lord Frost, be steadfast! As the EU border row develops, the UK will not ‘bend over backwards.’

DURING THE DISCUSSION OVER THE NORTHERN IRELAND PROTOCOL, LORD FROST is expected to take a tough stance against the EU, urging them to preserve UK sovereignty.

Ministers at Westminster and Stormont were keeping a close eye on the annual marching in Northern Ireland as pro-British unionists expressed their displeasure with post-Brexit trade obstacles.

The Protocol is unpopular with unionists and loyalists because it establishes a trade border between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom and ensures that EU laws governing goods trade continue to apply in the territory.

The UK Government made it clear that it will not “bend over backwards” to the European Union after Brussels indicated it had been gracious over the Northern Ireland Protocol arrangements ahead of a Parliamentary Statement by Lord Frost later this month in the House of Lords.

A source in the UK government also emphasized the necessity of safeguarding the Good Friday Peace Agreement, which preserves peace and prosperity in the region following the Troubles.

“We want to find the best path ahead for Northern Ireland, and we are convinced that a suitable solution will be found,” they stated.

“However, we will not simply bend over backwards to safeguard the Belfast Agreement in all of its dimensions.

“It’s a tricky balancing act.”

It comes as EU Ambassador to the European Union Joo Vale de Almeida said: “This is the first time in history that the European Union outsources the control of a part of its external border to a third country, which is what the United Kingdom chose to be.”

“Can you think of a clearer and more affirmative manner of acknowledging British sovereignty than outsourcing part of our sovereignty in border control to a third country?”

“I believe this has a significant impact on how much we put in this relationship.”

The Eurocrat also stated that the European Union had been extraordinarily kind in allowing grace periods on chilled meats to be extended in order to avert a so-called “sausage war” last month.

The EU also altered its rules to allow pharmaceuticals to continue to flow from the UK into Northern Ireland and to remove the requirement for drivers from the UK to present their motor insurance green card.

“We put forward a proposal that goes a long way,” he added.

“We are prepared to amend our legislation on medications to allow Northern Ireland to receive the full supply it requires.

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