Lord Cummings, will you rise? Brexit’s architect claims Boris bestowed peerage upon him.


Lord Cummings, will you rise? Brexit’s architect claims Boris bestowed peerage upon him.

DOMINIC CUMMINGS claims that while he was leaving Downing Street last year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised him a peerage.

Those charges were made by the former Number 10 senior advisor during his second public interview since leaving office. Mr. Cummings also said that Mr. Johnson considered giving his now-wife Carrie Johnson a travel-intensive role. The strategist, who led the Vote Leave campaign that resulted in Brexit in 2016, told The Spectator that the Prime Minister promised him a seat in the House of Lords. However, based on Mr. Cummings’ statements, it’s unclear how seriously the proposition was taken.

“He [Boris Johnson] said it, but then he started laughing very immediately, and I realized that wasn’t really the sort of thing that would buy me off,” he added.

“All reports that I received large payoffs are false.”

Downing Street has already published a statement in response to the remarks, noting that “these assertions are false.”

Before the pair famously fell out, Mr Cummings was one of Mr Johnson’s closest advisors.

After a fight with Carrie Johnson, the strategist quit Downing Street at the end of last year.

He soon became one of the Prime Minister’s worst critics.

Mr Cummings’ quarrel with Mrs Johnson, who married Mr Johnson in May, has resurfaced since then.

The former adviser alluded to an alleged chat he had with Prime Minister Theresa May about Mrs Johnson being given a new post.

“Omigod, you’re right, she’s driving me insane,” Mr Johnson was reported as adding.

“We need to get her a profession that requires a lot of international travel.

“Could we persuade the Cabinet Secretary to offer her a job on COP26, accompanying Kate Middleton around?”

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) will be held in Glasgow in November.

Downing Street has also labeled those assertions as “untrue.”

Mr. Cummings also reported that his Substack email has over 1,500 subscribers.

Emails are sent out on a regular basis, and subscription costs £100 per year.

Another talk he had with the Prime Minister, according to the former advisor, was about how Mr Johnson was apparently happy to allow some turmoil while running Downing Street.

“I told him in July that you’d rather live in anarchy than give me the power to fix it,” Mr Cummings added.

“And he smiled and said, ‘That’s.” Brinkwire Summary News,” he continued.


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