Lord Adonis, a “undemocratic” figure, ignites a rejoiner war in an attempt to make “minority rule the majority.”


Lord Adonis, a “undemocratic” figure, ignites a rejoiner war in an attempt to make “minority rule the majority.”

The organization set up to try to push Britain to enter the EU has devolved into civil conflict because its head, Lord Adonis, has refused to accept the overwhelming position on the country’s destiny.

The chair of the European Movement (EM), a Labour peer and pro-EU campaigner, has been accused of being “undemocratic” and “undermining any chance EM can lead a rejoin referendum in the future.” The dispute stems from a review of EM’s structures aimed at streamlining the organization and eliminating the possibility of non-members having voting rights.

Supporters of the reforms are afraid, according to an insider, that EM is on the verge of becoming its own version of Labour’s Momentum, since “a fanatical fringe” of non-member groups might wield disproportionate influence or control over the organization.

An communication from National Executive member Nick Hopkinson has also generated worries among EM members regarding the organization’s data and financial control.

Despite the fact that 72 percent of branches support the reforms, Lord Adonis, who was elected chairman by a razor-thin margin over former Tory MP Dominic Grieve, has decided to disregard the result and revisit the reforms in six months.

What’s going on in your neighborhood? Find out by entering your postcode or visiting InYourArea. “Just like the referendum in 2016, it appears Adonis is advocating again that the majority should be dominated by the minority,” a senior EM source told the Sunday Express. “Continued bad governance is undermining the EM,” stated Mr Hopkinson in a heated email. We should be ready to campaign once this horrifying plague has passed, not continue to wallow in self-pity. Lord Adonis’ vice-chairman Richard Wilson defended the move, saying, “We should be fighting fit, not fighting fit.”

Mr Hopkinson responded by calling the evaluation “horribly contentious” in an email.

“I agree with Andrew that this divisive initiative to split our groupings should be dropped immediately,” he stated. Let us focus on expanding our membership and branch network, as well as enhancing the visibility of EM by presenting the argument for ‘Step by Step to Rejoin.’” The European Movement was contacted for comment but did not respond.


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