‘Loony Remainers’ are being chastised for blaming Brexit for bare shelves in the midst of food crisis panic.


‘Loony Remainers’ are being chastised for blaming Brexit for bare shelves in the midst of food crisis panic.

FOOD SHORTAGE THREATS have hit the UK, causing alarm among Brexiteers who believe the country’s gradually depleting food resources are a “crazy” creation of Remainers.

Food shortages in the United Kingdom have been blamed on a variety of factors, including Brexit and the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. Supermarkets are reportedly “running low” on certain items, and photographs of empty shelves have begun to circulate on social media.

“We are sorry that we are running out on some products,” a Co-Op spokeswoman stated in July.

“Like many retailers, we are experiencing some patchy delivery and store operations disruptions, but we are working closely with our suppliers to be re-stocked as soon as possible.”

“We are working hard to ensure consumers can find what they need,” a Sainsbury’s spokesman said.

“While we may not always have the precise product a consumer is looking for in every shop, vast amounts of products are shipped to stores on a daily basis, and our colleagues are focused on getting them on the shelves as soon as possible.”

Tesco first stated that it had enough of food and that deliveries were still being made across the UK.

However, the grocery chain reported in June that vacancies had resulted in 48 tonnes of waste each week, with fresh products with a limited shelf life bearing the brunt of the damage.

M&S reported that Covid cases among its employees were rising every week, and Iceland admitted to having a similar problem.

However, Brexiteers around the country are becoming increasingly skeptical of the warnings being sounded across the country.

Because of the EU, a French vaccine has been declared illegal in France.

“Has anyone else observed that #foodshortages only appear to exist where lunatic #FBPE Remainers shop?” exclaimed former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney. There are no shortages in any of the food stores where I’ve gone for weeks. It’s strange…”

Others joined in, echoing his feelings.

“I personally haven’t observed any shortages in a number of stores I use, but I dare bet there are shortages,” one Twitter user said, “but once again Remainers are conveniently associating any shortages with Brexit.” While this may have had an impact, Covid will be responsible for the majority of the reasons. Sorry.”

“And cue the #FBPE pile on,” remarked another. Surprisingly, there have been no shortages here, despite the fact that I know several lorry drivers who have donated. ”Brinkwire Summary News,” as it is known.


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