Looking forward to stuff coming in 2021


Are individuals still making New Year’s resolutions? The last time I sat down and made a chart, I’m trying to recall. I was possibly an adolescent. And yesterday it wasn’t.

The reason I ask is because many of us are dealing with level four constraints in these first days of 2021, facing the twin Brexit and pandemic problems, and wondering if we’re going to be trapped in purgatory forever – do we really need to throw self-flagellation on the already blazing pyre?

Maybe I’ve got to rephrase that. Let’s have kindness for ourselves. In a typical year, the gray gloom of January is tough enough. It’s much harder this time, than when you need to fight the big bad guy at the end of a video game.

When we put away the Christmas decorations and no longer have the twinkling fairy lights to take the winter darkness away, it’s even harder.

I had a friend when I was living in an apartment building in Glasgow’s East End, who left his Christmas tree after Valentine’s Day. I’m starting to believe that they had the right idea.

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I’m trying to make an effort to do little things to help counter the creeping feeling of existential doom now that the excesses of the Christmas season are behind us – it’s not exactly a resolution, more of a vague idea.

In the mornings and evenings, I can’t wait until we get a little more sunshine. Any time I hear a rustle in the trees, it would be good to walk the dog without wearing a headlamp like a mountain guy or jumping out of my skin. The day I saw the Blair Witch Project, I curse you.

Having said that, I enjoyed the nightlife. I watched a fox in the garden hopping around between the raised beds and digging up all the nuts the squirrel had freshly buried as if it were at an all-you-can-eat buffet as I got up at 3am to heat milk (that’s how I rock),

I was pretty envious, you mind. I just enjoy the buffet. By laying out a few deli tubs from M&S on the coffee table, I tried to build one the other day, but it wasn’t the same without anyone reaching for the potato salad or having the last pakora snatched from under my nose poking in the ribs.

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I’ve made a list of stuff to look forward to. The daffodil bulbs I have planted will begin to poke their heads through soon. The snowdrops will turn up before that. The annual main garden birding festival will take place at the end of the month.

The new Line of Duty series is scheduled to air sometime before March. The days are going to get longer. The vaccine schedule for Covid 19 – if all goes well – will continue to be introduced. Maybe we still don’t see it, but better days are coming.

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