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Lookalike mother and daughter Dawn Hubsher (60) and Cher Hubsher (30) stun

A woman says she looks so similar to her mother that her own husband once mistakenly smacked her mom’s derriere in a very embarrassing case of mistaken identity – despite their 30-year age gap.

Authors and reality TV stars Dawn Hubsher, 60, and Cher Hubsher, 30, who live in Florida and New York respectively, may look like twin sisters, but the two are in fact mother and daughter. 

The duo have always shared a likeness but during Cher’s teens, the similarity became uncanny.

While Cher, who has a one-year-old daughter Belle, initially found it strange being the only kid at school with a ‘young’ looking mother, she soon grew to love it – even inviting Dawn to her bachelorette party as ‘one of the girls’.

The duo’s likeness has garnered them a collective 75,000 fans on Instagram but the pair’s twin-like looks have even fooled family and friends – including Cher’s husband, Jared Gopman, 30.

‘One time, me and my mother were wearing the same colored outfit. As we both have long dark hair, we look similar from behind,’ Cher said.

‘My husband went up to my mother and smacked her on the butt thinking that it was me. 

‘Every guy I’ve dated would always say, ‘I know what you’ll look like in 30 years,’ and they were happy to see I wouldn’t change much.’

She explained: ‘People mistake us for sisters all of the time. One time, my mother’s friend was talking to her thinking she was me.

‘I was 15 when people started thinking we looked similar. I used to want my mother to look like a typical mom but as I got older, I started to appreciate what we had. 

‘As my mother looked so young and acted young, we became friends too and she even came to my bachelorette party.’ 

Together, Dawn and Cher have written A Bond That Lasts Forever, a book chronicling their journey. The two may look like sisters, but they’ve also grown to act like them, too.

‘The book is a collection of hard-earned wisdoms about how to create the mother-daughter relationship of your dreams,’ Dawn said.

‘Daughters will get practical advice on everything from learning how to forgive, to communicating effectively despite a generational gap.

‘Mothers will find guidance on how to achieve the delicate balance between being involved and ‘helicopter’ parenting all while remaining a friend and confidant.’

Dawn is unsurprisingly thrilled to be mistaken for her daughter’s sister – with many presuming her to be half the age she is. Now aged 60, Dawn is passing along her tips on how to maintain a youthful appearance as well as staying young-at-heart. 

‘People usually guess that I’m in my thirties which is a huge compliment,’ Dawn said. 

‘When Cher was younger, people would always say, “Did you conceive Cher alone?” because she has my full genetic make-up.

‘Having a daughter helps me to stay young because Cher keeps me up to date with the latest trends and styles. 

‘We’re the same size too so we can raid each other’s closets and as we look so similar, what looks good on one, usually looks good on the other.

‘Exercise, a good plant-based diet, good skincare, sleeping, and drinking water are all key in maintaining a youthful appearance.

‘Age is just a number. Just because we’re getting older, it doesn’t mean we have to act it. Positive thoughts are key.

‘Having your daughter as your best friend is truly wonderful because you know you will always have each other’s best interests at heart. Looking alike is just a fun bonus.’ 

The duo’s incredibly close bond has even earned them a starring role in the TLC reality series sMothered, which documents the sometimes too-close relationships between mothers and daughters. 

In the latest season of the reality hit, Cher and Dawn’s relationships has hit a few bumps in the road, mostly because of Dawn’s desire to be so involved in how Cher brings up her baby daughter. 

At one point, Dawn even insisted on joining her daughter for a breastfeeding lesson with a lactation specialist, using a doll to practice the same techniques that Cher was being taught. 

Dawn’s determination to be so involved in her granddaughter’s upbringing even caused a rift between Cher and her husband Jared, with the new mother admitting that she’d had to have conversations with her partner about Dawn’s constant presence. 

‘I’m so thankful to have a mother who wants to help so much, but she is wanting to be so involved,’ she explained in a recent episode of the show. 

‘Right now I need this opportunity to really be a family with just me, Jared, and Belle, without her in the picture.’

‘There is something Jar and I have talked about that I need to tell my mom, but I haven’t had the courage to tell her yet,’ she added.

However, any arguments that the mother and daughter may have will not get in the way of their incredibly close bond, with Cher explaining during an appearance on DailyMailTV last year that she hopes her friendship with Dawn will show others that it’s OK to be best friends with your mom.

‘My mom is truly my best friend. I wanted to show people that it’s okay to be mom, but it’s okay to be a best friend as well,’ Cher said, who famously appeared on My Super Sweet 16 in 2007, said.   

‘I feel like she is such a big part of my life, and I just wouldn’t have it any other way,’ she added. 

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