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Look who’s talking already! Incredible moment 10-week-old baby tells her mother: ‘I love you’

This is the adorable moment a 10-week old baby told her mother ‘I love you’.

Chloe Davis, 18, from St Albans, shared a video to TikTok of her newborn Scarlett-Rose lying in her crib in a sweet red outfit and matching bow.

‘Can I you say I love you,’ Chloe asked from behind the camera, which little Scarlett-Rose repeated in her sweet voice while wiggling her legs.

The clip comes days after a video went viral of another set of proud parents shared a clip of their baby boy saying ‘hello’ at just eight-weeks-old.

Most babies start to say their first proper words at around 10 months old at the earliest, but it’s infants as young as seven-weeks-old have been recorded speaking. 

In the clip, little Scarlett-Rose sports a red Levis tracksuit bottom and a sweet T-shirt that reads ‘My friends’ complete with pictures of Disney characters.

Chloe, who welcomed Scarlett Rose on 6th May with her partner Joe Bozier, 27, told FEMAIL: ‘She replies “I love you” if I say it to her. 

‘She can also say Mum and Nan. She first said I love you at just 10-weeks-old.

‘We just kept saying “I love you” and one day she repeated it and never stopped saying it. She can stand up by herself too.’ 

Since sharing the video to TikTok, people commented on the adorable clip, saying how sweet it is.

‘Yay, you did it! This is so cute said one.’

The video comes just days after another set of proud parents shared a video of their  baby boy saying ‘hello’ at just eight weeks old.

Charlie-John Taylor-Mullington stunned mother Caroline, 37, and father Nick, 36, from Willaston, Cheshire, when he replied to his father’s greeting by repeating the word.

The interaction, which was filmed on Caroline’s mobile phone, saw Charlie strain to form the word his father was saying before eventually managing to formulate the word.

During the clip, which was filmed at the family home on August 21, Nick cradles the infant in his arms and greets him with the word: ‘Hello.’

Charlie-John then opens his mouth and begins to shape the word as his father watches in awe.

As his son utters the greeting, Nick smiles before replying: ‘Hello to you as well.’

Following the heartwarming scenes, Caroline said: ‘It was magical. We had tears in our eyes. We were just in utter shock!

‘My husband Nick had Charlie in his arms and was just saying ”hello” slowly to him. I think he loves Nick’s deep voice.

‘Charlie was saying ‘hello’ back a few times and we just decided to film it as we couldn’t believe he was really talking.’

Babies usually start making sounds at around two months, and by six months make sounds such as ‘Da’ ‘ga’ and ‘ka’.

But usually their first word isn’t until around 10-14 months, with their first words often ‘mama’ and ‘dada’.

At around three-years-old children can say their own name, age and gender and list numbers up to ten and understands the uses of ‘You’, ‘Me’, ‘I’. 

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