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Look mum, we made it! Migrants pose for SELFIES on sunny Kent coast after dodging border force

A gang of five migrants used a dingy to reach Kent this morning – before taking selfies and laying back to sunbathe on the coastline as police spoke to them. 

The group, who wrecked their inflatable boat before swimming ashore, arrived from Calais just off St Margaret’s At Cliffe near Dover in the early hours.

They were seen lying back in the sun while border force officials dealt with them at the sea front just before 6am.

The five were among a series of boats who appeared throughout the morning, all stopped by police on shore. 

An eyewitness told MailOnline: ‘They got near the shoreline, dumped the boat and swam the rest of the way. Police got them straight away, they didn’t try to run off, they must have been tired.

‘Two of them took selfies before police took the phone taken from them.’

They went on: ‘The dingy just drifted off into the sea. By the time border force got there it had been floating in the water for an hour.’

The men were all handed face masks by police. Just yards away the migrants’ wet clothes could be seen drying on the seafront railings.

The nationality of the five is not currently known.

They were just one boat of a series of 14 that arrived during the morning, with police and Border Force officers intercepting the passengers on land. 

One young girl among one of the illegal vessels looked as if she could be no older than three years old.

All of the adults will be now processed by immigration officers who will interview them and discover if they are claiming asylum. If they do, checks will be made as to their history. 

MailOnline revealed in April none of them will be tested for coronavirus by officials.

Home Office rules state doctors and nurses will examine them for any symptoms of Covid-19 instead of taking official swabs.

Anyone showing symptoms will be isolated, including those in detention centres, where special isolation areas have been set up, the Home Office has confirmed.

A spokesperson said at the time the policy was in line with guidance from Public Health England.

They said: ‘All individuals were brought to Dover and, in line with established processes, will be assessed to establish whether there are any medical requirements. 

‘All will be transferred to immigration officials. They will be interviewed and their cases will be dealt with in line with the immigration rules, transferring to detention where appropriate.

‘In line with Public Health England guidance, Border Force and all operational staff have the relevant personal protective equipment available to them.’

Earlier this month on July 12 a daily record of 180 migrants successfully travelled through the English Channel to the UK.

More than 220 that day had been intercepted by French authorities as they had tried to set off.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has been taking the problem so seriously she had travelled to Calais to speak with the French interior minister Gerald Darmanin.

They are creating a Franco-British intelligence cell to help tackle the growing problem.

Ms Patel said: ‘Despite all of the action taken by law enforcement to date – intercepting the boats, making arrests, returning people to France and putting the criminals responsible behind bars – the numbers continue to increase.

‘I have signed an agreement with the French to create a joint intelligence cell which will crack down on the gangs behind this vile people-smuggling operation and impressed on my French counterpart the need to stop these illegal crossings for the benefit of both our countries.

‘This is the start of a new operational approach with the newly-appointed French interior minister.’

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