Look in the mirror, Keir! In sleaze row, Labour cannot avoid political ‘grubbiness.’


Look in the mirror, Keir! In sleaze row, Labour cannot avoid political ‘grubbiness.’

According to a leading Tory MP, the current sleaze row will hurt LABOUR just as much as it will hurt the Conservatives, because both sides may be tarnished by political “grubbiness.”

As a result of the row, High Wycombe MP Steve Baker predicted that all politicians “will end up wrestling in the gutter.”

This comes as Labour has taken a poll lead over the Conservatives for the first time since January, following “sleaze” allegations leveled at the Conservatives.

After Tory MPs voted against a 30-day suspension for fellow Conservative MP Owen Paterson, despite the recommendation of the MPs’ watchdog, the party has been fighting the allegations.

After his second job, Mr Paterson was found guilty of breaking parliamentary lobbying rules.

“I’m afraid the reputation of politics and politicians has long been in the gutter,” Mr Baker said in response to the escalating row.

“People will see various politicians’ outside interests from all parties, and if we’re not careful, I’m afraid we’ll all end up wrestling in the gutter.”

“I’m not sure there will be a long-term political advantage over this; I just fear that there will be a long-term scuminess to all politics, which I’m afraid I’m very uncomfortable with.”

Labour received 37 percent of the vote in a recent Opinium poll for the Observer, putting them one point ahead of the Conservatives.

Despite Tory voters being “very angry,” Mr Baker, who leads the Conservative Party’s Net Zero Scrutiny Group, said that MPs would continue to support Boris Johnson.

“My correspondence shows that loyal Conservative voters are very angry with the Prime Minister over his handling of this debacle,” he said, “but I don’t see tory MPs breaking ranks to condemn him.”

“After all, there has been an apology for the way this crisis was handled.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Commons Leader, admitted the government made a “mistake” in defending Owen Paterson after he broke MP lobbying rules.

This came as the government reversed course on contentious plans to reform the Standards Committee of Parliament.

The plans, which would have allowed MPs to make broad sweeping changes to the system governing MPs’ standards, were unanimously rejected by MPs on Tuesday.

Boris Johnson has refused to apologise for the way he handled the situation.

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