Long-term forecast: Britain will broil in a three-day 28°C heatwave in the Azores — new maps turn RED


Long-term forecast: Britain will broil in a three-day 28°C heatwave in the Azores — new maps turn RED

According to the latest maps and forecasts, Britons will enjoy a three-day heatwave later this month as high pressure rolls in from Europe.

According to Netweather’s temperature forecasts, temperatures in several parts of the UK will reach 28 degrees Celsius between July 16 and 18. (82.4F).

With the high pressure moving in from the Azores, Netweather’s maps, based on GFS model data, turn dark red across England, Wales, and Southern Scotland.

On July 17, temperatures in southeast England and London could reach 28 degrees Celsius (75.2 degrees Fahrenheit) due to high pressure over the UK.

Other portions of England will witness temperatures ranging from 23 to 26 degrees Celsius (73.4 to 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit), while Scotland will have temperatures between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius (57.2-69.8F).

The majority of Wales will bake in the scorching heat of 23°C (73.4F).

The top temperature of 28°C (82.4°F) on Saturday, July 17 will be equaled on Friday, July 16, with highs of 27°C (80.6°F) on Sunday, July 18, also in Southern England.

Temperatures are expected to be substantially warmer between Monday, July 12 and Sunday, July 18 according to Netweather’s long-range forecast.

According to the forecast, pressure would be “relatively high to the north of Britain and over Scandinavia.”

According to the forecast, a high-pressure ridge will form off the Azores and connect with a Scandinavian high, covering much of the British Isles.

“This indicates to drier and more settled conditions for much of the UK, with possibly a fair amount of sunshine for most,” it continued.

“There is a distinct warming trend evident on the table,” Brian Gaze, forecaster at The Weather Outlook, noted.

“Warm or very warm appears to be far more likely than hot.”

Meanwhile, the Met Office has issued a rainy yellow weather warning for much of the country today.

There is a chance of hail in northern areas of England, a big portion of Scotland, and Northern Ireland, according to experts.

On Sunday, sunny spells are forecast for the South and Midlands of England, as well as Wales, with highs of 22C, which is somewhat below usual for this time of year.

“Our key message throughout the weekend is that there is likely to be some heavy rains about wherever you go in the UK,” said Greg Dewhurst, a senior meteorologist at the Met Office.

“If you’re traveling across, be prepared.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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