Long-range maps show sweltering 27°C European heat its route to the United Kingdom.


Long-range maps show sweltering 27°C European heat its route to the United Kingdom.

According to the newest long-range weather projections, Britain is set to sizzle as scorching 27°C European heat approaches the country.

Following a gloomy end to July, high pressure may aid the return of hot weather to the UK in August. On Wednesday, August 4, the newest Netweather heat maps show shades of red creeping throughout northern Europe, with blistering highs of 27°C in France. Later that day, the crimson hues begin to sweep across eastern England, with temperatures reaching 23°C in London and Kent and 22°C in the Yorkshire Dales.

Highs of 22°C are expected in Durham, Newcastle, and Norwich.

The heat could last until Thursday, August 12, with temperatures reaching 22 degrees in London and 20 degrees in Essex, Doncaster, Leeds, and Brighton.

During the first half of August, Brian Gaze, a forecaster at Weather Outlook, warned of a combination of showers and warm spells hitting the UK.

But, as the month unfolds, he cautioned, “extremely warm periods” could emerge.

“Mixed with showers or longer periods of rain, but also warm and lovely spells,” he stated in the first half of August.

“The driest weather will most likely be in the south and east, but with a higher danger of heavy showers or thunderstorms, local fluctuations may be significant.

“When looking at the entire period, temperatures should be above average.

“The chances of settled and very warm periods increase in the second half.

“Showery periods of rain are still likely, particularly in the north and west,” according to the BBC Weather long-range forecast, which projected high pressure will cause temperatures to climb across the country between Monday, August 2 and Sunday, August 8.

“As weather fronts pass through from the west or northwest, we may receive a brief ridge of high pressure, but it shouldn’t stay more than a day,” the prediction added.

“This is due to the sharper temperature contrast we expect to emerge over Europe, with cooler air in the northwest and warmer air in the southeast,” says the forecaster.

“The jet stream, a ribbon of fast-moving air in the upper atmosphere, is strengthened by these temperature discrepancies.

“This, in turn, accelerates the passage of surface weather systems through humans.

“There’s a potential these ridges become more common, especially later in the week, and we have some more consistently dry, bright weather,” the Met Office said at the start of the week. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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