Long-range forecast: The UK will be scorched by scorching 30°C heat in a 6-day heatwave, according to a new weather map.


Long-range forecast: The UK will be scorched by scorching 30°C heat in a 6-day heatwave, according to a new weather map.

According to the newest hot weather forecasts, Britain is in for a blistering heatwave in the coming weeks, with a sweltering 30C anticipated for August 13.

According to the latest Netweather charts, the heavy rains, thunderstorms, and strong winds will end in less than two weeks when a six-day heatwave moves in from Tuesday, August 10.

According to the maps, the heatwave is likely to affect much of the country, with temperatures reaching 30°C in London.

The heat is expected to arrive on August 10 in the afternoon, according to Netweather.

Much of England and Wales has turned a deep red color, with highs of 27°C expected in London, Cambridgeshire, and northeast England.

The heat will affect most of central and southern England, with Birmingham expected to reach 26°C.

The west is forecast to be colder, with temperatures of 22°C in Liverpool and Cardiff.

Scotland will have the coldest temperatures, with the Western Isles reaching 15 degrees Celsius about 6 p.m.

Temperatures will hit 29°C in parts of southeast England on Wednesday, but will be cooler farther north, according to the maps.

Highs of 27°C are expected in Birmingham and Manchester, although Edinburgh will be colder at around 19°C.

The graphic shows that the warm weather will spread farther north on Thursday, with a forecast of 28°C in Leeds.

Scotland, along with parts of Northern Ireland, will have the coolest weather once again, with temperatures hovering around 20°C in Glasgow.

Temperatures in London are anticipated to exceed 30 degrees Celsius on Friday.

Highs of 27-28°C are expected for much of the English Midlands, with 23°C as far north as Durham.

The coolest parts of the country will be in the west and north, with a high of 17 degrees in Cornwall and a low of 13 degrees in the Scottish Highlands.

Southern and eastern England will continue to have warm weather through Saturday and Sunday, but it will begin to decrease a little.

On Sunday, temperatures as high as 26°C were recorded in London and East Anglia, with temperatures in the 24-25°C range across much of central England.

Northern England, Wales, and Scotland, on the other hand, will be substantially cooler.

Temperatures in Glasgow might reach 14°C, while sections of the Scottish Highlands may struggle to reach 11°C.

For the next week of August, temperatures will stay high for the time of year, but will not reach heatwave levels.

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