Logan Mwangi, the stepfather of a youngster who was found dead in a river, has been charged with murder.


Logan Mwangi, the stepfather of a youngster who was found dead in a river, has been charged with murder.

Logan Mwangi’s stepfather was charged with murdering his five-year-old son, who died of a head injury and a torn liver, in court yesterday. Logan, also known as Logan Williamson, was found dead in the River Ogmore last Saturday. John Cole, 39, is accused of murdering the “kind, gorgeous, polite, and clever” Logan.

Cole, a care provider and father of two, was arrested when police in Bridgend, South Wales, reacted to reports of a missing kid and discovered the boy in the water near his home. Logan was said to have sustained “three main injuries” as a consequence of “impacted pressure either by an object, a foot, or a fist,” according to Cardiff Crown Court.

His “liver had been torn, the back of his skull and scalp had become divided, and he had a broken collar bone,” according to JPs.

Cole, Logan’s mother, Angharad Williamson, 30, and an unnamed 13-year-old child have all been charged with perverting the course of justice.

During a brief hearing at the Cardiff court, Williamson, who is engaged to Cole, hung her head and glanced at her feet.

“This is an ongoing and high-profile investigation,” prosecutor Bethan Poole said. When the three came in vehicles, the court was heavily guarded.

At their respective hearings, Cole and Williamson simply spoke to confirm their identities, ages, and addresses.

They were both remanded in custody, with the 13-year-old being placed in the care of the local authority.

All three are scheduled to appear in court today at Newport Crown Court.

The couple lives in a ground-floor terraced flat roughly 400 yards from Logan’s body, which was discovered in a river.

Logan was claimed to be ecstatic at the prospect of becoming Cole and Williamson’s pageboy after they became engaged less than three months ago.

Logan’s parents have told his kindergarten classmates that he will “visit the angels in paradise” and have urged their children to share their memories of the playful lad.

Logan’s little pals have also been laying memorials along a bridge over the Ogmore, among hundreds of bouquets, cards, and soft toys.

“RIP Logan, such a beautiful little soul taken way too soon,” one message left with flowers read. You will be missed much. Sleep soundly, my dear. Until we cross paths again! Teresa Mason, Logan’s next-door neighbor, characterized him as a “very sweet, happy-go-lucky child.”

“We can’t wrap our heads around it.” Brinkwire Summary News, she added.


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