Lockdown rules in Wales are changing, according to Mark Drakeford, who describes the changes.


Lockdown rules in Wales are changing, according to Mark Drakeford, who describes the changes.

MARK DRAKEFORD has announced modifications to Wales’ coronavirus restrictions, with nearly all of them being repealed at the start of August.

Starting this month, Wales has began taking its hopeful final steps out of coronavirus limitations. First Minister Mark Drakeford has stated that a number of modifications to present rules will be implemented this month, with more to follow in August. From July 17 onwards, he warned, Wales will be fully in alert Level 1.

The announcement comes after a four-week hiatus caused by the spread of the Delta variety across the United Kingdom.

Wales will go to Level 0 on August 7 if infection rates remain stable and more people are vaccinated, according to the First Minister.

“We are approaching a new phase of the pandemic,” Mr Drakeford added. Since the Delta variety surfaced six weeks ago, the number of cases of the virus has climbed dramatically, but because to our excellent vaccination program, we are not seeing a big number of individuals becoming critically ill or requiring hospital treatment.

“Vaccination has decreased the relationship between infections and serious illness, and we can be quite confident of that.

“However, there is still a chance that the third wave of the pandemic would inflict serious suffering, either directly through the virus or indirectly via people being forced to isolate.

“As of July 17, we can raise the alert level to Level 1 for interior places and go even higher for outdoor spaces because we know the danger of transmission is lower outside.

“We’re also releasing plans for a new alert Level 0, which will have less legal constraints but still need all of us to take precautions.”

Six persons will be allowed to meet indoors in private residences and vacation rentals beginning July 17.

Up to 1,000 people seated and 200 people standing will be able to attend organized activities.

When socializing outside, social separation is no longer necessary.

From the 17th, ice rinks will be allowed to reopen.


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