Loch Lomond: Residents are struggling to save Bonnie Banks from innovation.



The new snake oil of bourgeois managementism is uncovered by a cursory look at social media networking sites: leadership courses.

This latest elixir of Scottish chattering classes shows a paradigm changers’ make-believe world, where you too can call yourself a chief for a grand a week and sit cross-legged on beanbags while saying something shocking about yourself to the stranger to your right.

That might not cater to cynics like me, but it can be lucrative, and there is no shortage of willing participants, obviously. That’s probably why one of Scotland’s most famous businessmen, Sir Tom Hunter, wants to build a management center on the shores of Loch Lomond in Alexandria’s Ross Priory grounds, West Dunbartonshire.

It would be situated on the southern shore of the loch and would give Ben Lomond spectacular views across the bay.

For his Hunter Global Leadership Centre, Sir Tom has ambitious targets.

He said last month, “Our vision is to create an iconic world-class leadership center where Scotland’s future will be discussed, debated and ultimately decided.” The shy billionaire can’t be accused of lacking ambition.

The fact that Scotland’s most popular stretch of natural heritage has become a magnet for billionaires and leisure developers trying to get in on a land grab is becoming increasingly anxious in and around Loch Lomond. Sir Tom’s £10 million proposal was withdrawn by the Scottish government following a concerted campaign by local groups.

There are individuals in the community who are worried that no environmental impact assessment has been carried out on the effects on the beautiful flaura and fauna of this location of its shiny new house.

They believed they had averted a leisure scheme last year by Flamingo Property, the Yorkshire-based specialist in theme parks.

In one of the country’s most famous locations, it would have built chalets and a multi-story hotel. Try to imagine that a bouncy castle is being constructed on Lewis near the Callanish Stones and you are starting to get the idea.

Locally, the response of the SNP is best characterized as committed lethargy, while Toni Giugliano, Dumbarton’s party candidate in the election to the Scottish Parliament in May, is eager to make amends.

“This is not the right kind of development,” he says. “He has no vision or imagination.

“People come to see Loch Lomond from all over the world. The most significant thing here is to put an end to Flamingo Land’s monopoly and give the group a chance to

To suggest something that better suits the area’s needs and character.

And so the Scottish Greens’ Ross Greer was left to lead the fight against this forest theme park.

In 2019, the petition he organized gathered almost 60,000 signatures, making it Scotland’s largest campaign of its kind ever undertaken.

There were, however, suspicions that Scottish Industry served to torpedo public opinion.

Those concerns crystallized last month when it was revealed that an exclusivity deal with Flamingo Land had been extended by the corporation.

That means that local groups are barred from submitting their own proposals that they feel would fit the natural environment of Loch Lomond better.

Effectively, no other interested party during the duration of this concordat, which was first signed for two years in 2016, will approach Scottish Business.

Scottish Enterprise now says that the exclusivity deal, supposedly for three years, is simply something called a “conditional letter” Whatever; it means that for seven years the public will be exempt from the process.

“The proposed area is small in relation to the overall size of the national park, while the local council supports the development.”The proposed area is small compared to the overall size of the national park, while it is funded by the local council.

Is Scottish Industry saying that it does not matter in the grand scheme of things as long as a planned development is “small in relation to the overall size of the National Park”?

In the meantime, the funding of Balloch and Haldane Parish Council remains the focus of a lot of local anxiety amid reports of, well, you get the idea.

A meeting in Alexandria was more reflective of neighborhood opinion than v


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