Locals are split over a mural that reads “welcome to our white town” on the “Wall of Fame.”


Locals are split over a mural that reads “welcome to our white town” on the “Wall of Fame.”

A new ‘Wall of Fame’ mural honoring local business owners has been criticized for portraying only white people.

Critics lambasted the new artwork in Driffield, East Yorkshire, as yelling “welcome to our white town.” The ‘Wall of Fame’ mural, which was just installed on Middle Road North, depicts well-known local company owners as a memorial to those who were affected by the Covid pandemic, however some people are upset that it does not portray a single ethnic minority person.

The artwork was put up to brighten up the space while construction work was being done. In order to brighten up the town and attract more tourists, decorative umbrellas and new hanging baskets have been placed.

“We knew the development would take some time and felt that this mural highlighting some of the well-known town centre business figures would add interest and hopefully attract more visitors and shoppers to Middle Street North,” Driffield Mayor Matt Rogers said after it was unveiled, according to HullLive.

Residents expressed their opinions about the mural on social media. Kerrie Woodhouse-Dove, a BAME resident, noted that while she appreciated the concept, it should have been “a little more inclusive.” “It really shouts welcome to our white town,” she commented. “Obviously, being a minority is reinforced even more by this, which is a shame.”

“So there isn’t a single person of color in your community you’d like to recognize?” said another woman. Driffield appears to be a diverse and inviting community [facepalm emoji].”

Another questioned why BAME professional footballer turned boxer Curtis Woodhouse, who grew up in Driffield, was not featured on the mural. “He does so much for the kids in the neighborhood, but he is not deserving of being on your ‘Wall of Fame,’” she wrote. Is he even being asked if he wants to participate? Or does he not belong in your quaint little town?”

Many people came out in support of the mural. “This looks brilliant,” one user said. “I’d like to imagine this painting may have a more permanent installation somewhere once the construction work is completed.” I really enjoy how you’ve put together known faces from Driffield businesses to create something like this. I believe it’s very smart and specific to our community.”

“Looks terrific and was being widely appreciated as I walked.” Brinkwire Summary News, said another.


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