Liz Truss lays out a bold Brexit vision for the UK.


Liz Truss lays out a bold Brexit vision for the UK. Forget Europe, ASIA is our future!

Ahead of a crucial tour of Southeast Asia this week, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has laid out a vision for Britain to be “the beating heart of a global network of liberty.”

Ms Truss, who is about to embark on a tour of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, said Britain is “now focusing on the Indo-Pacific region.”

She stated that she was determined to “zero in on the future opportunities,” with stronger ties in the East bringing jobs and opportunity back home.

Following a difficult week for the Government, which saw Tory sleaze resurface in Parliament, the Foreign Secretary has sought to reclaim control of the agenda and steer it toward shaping Global Britain.

Her visit coincides with the resumption of talks on the Northern Ireland Protocol in London, despite dwindling hopes of an EU compromise.

And, with the EU threatening a trade war over Northern Ireland and fishing rights, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has stated that Britain’s future prosperity lies outside of Europe.

She believes that collaborating with Asia’s growing powerhouse economies will be the best way to find future jobs in technology, artificial intelligence, and other fields.

On Sunday night, Ms Truss will arrive in the Indonesian capital, Kuala Lumpur.

All of the countries she visits are members of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

According to sources close to the Foreign Secretary, the fact that she was traveling to the east so soon after taking office demonstrated how important the region was to her.

“This is all about seizing the opportunities of Brexit and looking towards the fastest-growing parts of the world and the huge Asian economies of the future,” a source close to Truss said.

Liz will argue for stronger economic and technological ties with these countries, which will help Britain’s position in the world for decades to come.”

According to Ms Truss, Indonesia will overtake Germany as the world’s fourth largest economy by 2050.

She also stated that the UK has been able to revitalize its relationships with the world’s fastest growing economies as a result of the freedom granted by Brexit.

“For far too long, we have allowed our relationship with such nations to be under-powered – but now is the time for it to be re-energized,” Ms Truss said.

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