Liz Truss for Prime Minister! Britons want a woman to take over from Boris Johnson as the Brexit wunderkind.


Liz Truss for Prime Minister! Britons want a woman to take over from Boris Johnson as the Brexit wunderkind.

Following Boris Johnson’s 36-point dip in the Conservative cabinet league table, this website asked readers who they would vote for to succeed him if he was fired. Liz Truss, the Secretary of Commerce, was elected.

With an 88.6 satisfaction score, Liz Truss topped both our survey and the Conservative Home league table, compared to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s humiliating 3.4. In a poll of 4,719 persons conducted between 12.38pm August 2 and 10am August 4, the Trade Secretary received 30% of our vote for favorite in line with the ministerial proposal.

Her recent achievements in Australia are expected to contribute to her success in the eyes of the party and the general public. Last week, she signed a zero-tariff trade agreement with Australia, and she is currently in the sixth round of trade discussions with New Zealand, where green trade is a top priority.

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, finished in second place, with 23% of respondents believing he is the greatest candidate for the job. This score reflects his present position in the Conservative league table, where he is just one point behind Liz Truss, with a satisfaction rating of 14.5 points.

Mr Sunak’s popularity is most likely due to the successful and long-lasting implementation of the furlough plan, which helped millions of people survive the pandemic.

Although several outlets have identified Mr Sunak as the most likely candidate to succeed Boris as Prime Minister, many of our readers do not believe he is the perfect match.

“However hard the media try, Sunak will never be PM,” one reader predicted.

“Sunak is not going to trump a Brexiteer, let alone Johnson,” one voter said.

“Liz Truss certainly gets things done, Rishi is also a very good contender, either of them would win my vote,” said one reader.

Jacob Rees-Mogg received 18% of the vote, compared to 7.5 percent for Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and 6.7 percent for popular MP for Portsmouth North and Paymaster General Penny Mordaunt.

“While I admire Rishi and think he’d make a terrific PM in the future, he’s too young politically,” one reader said.

“Truss is a formidable opponent, but I am unfamiliar with her.

“Now Rees-Mogg is a serious candidate, a true statesman.”


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