Liz has done it yet again! Truss assembles a new army of trade czars to grasp the sparkling treasure of Brexit.


Liz has done it yet again! Truss assembles a new army of trade czars to grasp the sparkling treasure of Brexit.

LIZ TRUSS is beefing up her trade team in preparation for a profitable economic boom across the continent and Central Asia.

Two HM Trade Commissioners have been appointed by the International Trade Secretary to enhance British trade across the continent.

The two positions, which pay up to £120,000 a year, will be critical in recruiting inbound investment and assisting British businesses in taking advantage of export prospects in Europe and Central Asia.

Both trade ministers will lead a coordinated government campaign overseas to promote UK trade, resulting in jobs and prosperity for the UK economy, according to ministers.

“Our links with our closest trading partner Europe and with Central Asia remain incredibly vital as an independent trading nation,” Ms Truss said.

“We are working hard to promote Britain as a top investment destination, particularly in future-oriented industries such as science, technology, and the green economy, and to assist British exporters in expanding their markets.”

“Countries across this dynamic region continue to diversify their economies into areas where the UK excels, such as technology and clean growth,” said Kenan Poleo, who will strive to spearhead trade possibilities across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

“Through communication and engagement around market access, innovation, and the main global problems we share, my first objective will be to assist British businesses in achieving the benefits that diversification affords.

“With the region’s GDP per capita on the rise for the foreseeable future, my teams are well-positioned to advise firms on how to expand their investment and export horizons into these exciting, expanding markets.”

“Ratification of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, with new Free Trade Agreements with other European countries, gives a strong framework for further prospects,” said Mr Barton, who will head up opportunities for Europe.

Ministers recently stated that Europe accounts for half of the UK’s exports and is the country’s main source of inward investment.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), total imports and exports of products between EU and non-EU countries grew in Q2 2021 (April to May) as compared to Q1 2021 (March to April) (January to March).

Between Q2 and Q1 of 2021, the value of imports climbed by £11.5 billion to £150.5 billion, while exports increased by £7.9 billion to £145.3 billion.

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