LIVE: US Vice President Joe Biden tries to transfer blame to Afghanistan, while the Taliban claim triumph.


LIVE: US Vice President Joe Biden tries to transfer blame to Afghanistan, while the Taliban claim triumph.

PRESIDENT Joe Biden defended his decision to pull US troops out of Afghanistan while deflecting credit for a slew of errors.

President Biden admitted ‘responsibility’ for his actions on Afghanistan in a 26-minute speech. Critics, on the other hand, have accused him of abdicating responsibility for the botched retreat, which has seen the Taliban seize power and claimed hundreds of lives. Mr. Biden lauded his troops’ “amazing success” in organizing an 18-day airlift of more than 120,000 civilians seeking to flee the Taliban dictatorship.

The US president has earlier stated that any US citizen wishing to flee the country would be airlifted.

Despite the military’s best efforts, hundreds of qualified migrants were left behind beyond the August 31 deadline.

They were contacted 19 times, according to President Biden, “with several cautions and offers to help them leave Afghanistan, all the way back until March.”

Meanwhile, the Taliban has been celebrating what they see as a win, including holding a’mock funeral’ for US and NATO forces in Khost’s streets.

The firm stance After US soldiers began to withdraw from the war-torn country they had supported for 20 years, Islamic terrorists surged to power in only 11 days.

President Biden, on the other hand, blamed the Afghan army for the Taliban’s rout, claiming that he had told his team to prepare for such a scenario.

Last night’s blame game also included former President Donald Trump, with the incumbent arguing he had no choice but to evacuate US forces quickly due to the deal Mr Trump struck with the Taliban last year.

“This choice regarding Afghanistan is about ending an age of large military operations to reshape other countries, not just Afghanistan.

Mr. Biden stated, “The war in Afghanistan is now over.”

Despite rising criticism, President Joe Biden has defended his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.

“My fellow Americans, the war in Afghanistan is now over,” he stated in his address to the nation.

I told the American people that I would bring the conflict to a conclusion. I followed through on that promise today.


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