Live map of Greece fires: 56 active fires as tourists flee – Where are the Greek fires?


Live map of Greece fires: 56 active fires as tourists flee – Where are the Greek fires?

For the past five days, wildfires have raged across sections of Greece; which places have been hardest hit?

Wildfires have forced tens of thousands of people to flee portions of Greece. Just north of Athens, wildfires are raging out of control. Greece’s wildfires are currently in their fifth day.

The ferocity of the fires has been ascribed to the country’s most severe heatwave in decades.

Greece has experienced its worst heatwave in three decades, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius.

Strong, unpredictably blowing winds have fueled the fires even more.

The most severe fires are presently raging just north of Athens.

The suburb of Thrakomakedones, just north of Athens, was engulfed in flames this morning, and tourists and locals alike are fleeing the capital in droves as the city chokes beneath clouds of smoke and ash.

Residents of the Attica peninsula, which encompasses Athens and the Peloponnese region in the southwest, are being evacuated today as the flames approach.

Fires are also blazing on Evia, the country’s second largest island, immediately east of the city, and in the areas around ancient Olympia.

Hundreds of people had to be evacuated from the Evia by water yesterday.

By early Friday afternoon, the Greek coastguard reported that 668 people had been rescued from beaches in northeast Evia.

For the islanders, the fire had cut off all alternative options for escape.

As fires continue to spread across the country, two people have died and at least 20 have been injured.

“We continue our endeavor hour by hour to battle the various flames we confront today, conditions are very dangerous,” stated Civil Protection Chief Nikos Hardalias.

At least eight people have died as a result of fires that spread across Turkey’s southern and western coasts.

Further fires are expected, according to Greek authorities, who have placed six locations on high alert.

Wildfires in Turkey are already in their eleventh day, but the worst of the blazes appear to be headed for Greece.

Hundreds of Turkish volunteers have been assisting in the fight against the fires that have engulfed their country.

Extra firefighters, water-dropping planes, helicopters, and rescue vehicles are expected to arrive today from France, Romania, Sweden, and Switzerland.

According to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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