LIVE lightning tracker: Manchester hospital catches fire after a blitz as over 5,000 bolts strike the United Kingdom.


LIVE lightning tracker: Manchester hospital catches fire after a blitz as over 5,000 bolts strike the United Kingdom.

SEVERE thunderstorms are expected to hit the UK today as the country’s post-heatwave weather turns even nastier, with a hospital in Manchester being struck by lightning.

After over a month’s worth of rain poured in a day, the Met Office has issued yellow and amber weather warnings for thunderstorms and severe rain in portions of England and Scotland today. Thunderstorms may generate dangerous floods, and residents should be aware that floodwater or even lightning strikes may cause damage to their homes and businesses. According to Met Office forecasts, severe rain will hit practically every area of the UK over the next two days, with the possibility of thunderstorms. Trafford General Hospital in Manchester has caught fire after being struck by lightning, with heavy black smoke rising from the structure.

Witnesses said the fire started this afternoon after a huge bolt of lightning struck the hospital on Moorside Road.

“We can confirm a portion of Trafford General Hospital has been struck by lightning, which has sparked a fire in an area of the roof,” a spokeswoman for Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust told Manchester Evening News.

“A limited number of patients and staff have been safely evacuated from one ward, and Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service is on the scene right now.

“This is a continuing situation.”

In Manchester, the Met Office has issued a yellow thunderstorm warning as well as a yellow rain warning.

Additional amber weather warnings have been issued for Scotland.

“Homes and businesses are expected to be flooded, causing damage to some buildings, and fast flowing or deep floodwater is conceivable, posing a risk to life,” according to the Met Office.

The fresh warnings come after homes, highways, and tube stations in the south of England were flooded earlier this week, while Whipps Cross Hospital in East London lost electricity due to water damage.

The Met Office has posted an image of a devastated road (seen above) on social media, which is thought to have been damaged by a violent lightning strike.

The road is located in Milton, Portsmouth, and the surface tarmac has been broken and blown away.

The damage to this road in Milton, Portsmouth, may have been caused by lightning striking the road, according to the Met Office.

“Lightning will often, but not always, pursue the path of least resistance via taller objects.”

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