LIVE FROM THE ROYAL FAMILY: Harry suffers a major setback once William’s valor in Afghanistan is revealed.


LIVE FROM THE ROYAL FAMILY: Harry suffers a major setback once William’s valor in Afghanistan is revealed.

PRINCE After his brother William’s heroism in Afghanistan were revealed, Harry could have been dealt a major blow.

As the Taliban continues their destructive conquest of Afghanistan, Prince William, 39, is said to have intervened to assist the family of a former Afghan officer whom he met at Sandhurst. The Duke of Cambridge is alleged to have urged his equerry, Naval Officer Rob Dixon, to make some calls to the appropriate personnel to assist the family in getting through the gate at Kabul Airport and boarding a flight to the United Kingdom.

Harry also went to Sandhurst, where all British Army officers are educated to take on the responsibility of commanding their troops.

However, it is unknown whether he was able to assist other members.

The Duke of Sussex, who served two tours in Afghanistan, sent a statement to military veterans about the country last month with his wife Meghan.

“What is occurring in Afghanistan resonates across the international Invictus community,” he added in a statement.

“We encourage everyone in the Invictus network — as well as the broader military community — to reach out to one another and offer support.”

Major Andrew Fox, a veteran paratrooper who served three deployments in Afghanistan, commended William’s efforts.

Mr Fox, who has been assisting translators fleeing Afghanistan, said he had heard several anecdotes about personnel on the ground assisting people from Sandhurst.

“I myself got two para to jump out into the crowd and grab someone for me,” he told the Telegraph.

“It’s completely consistent with what we learn in the Army about values, commitment, and respect for others, and all that nice stuff.

“We’ve been trained to assist where we can.

“People would do anything to get out because the situation was so chaotic and, frankly, mismanaged.”

Princess Leonor of Spain and Princess Alexia of the Netherlands will start their studies at United World College of the Atlantic, called “hippie hogwarts,” this week.

United World College of the Atlantic is a school in Wales that is housed in a 12th-century castle called St Donat’s Castle.

This week, Princess Alexia of the Netherlands and Princess Leonor of Asturias said their goodbyes to their families and headed to school.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” wrote Louise Callaghan, an ex-alumna of the college who later became a foreign journalist for The Sunday Times.


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