LIVE from the La Palma volcano: Volcanic LIGHTNING was captured as 2.5k people were advised to lock down.


LIVE from the La Palma volcano: Volcanic LIGHTNING was captured as 2.5k people were advised to lock down.

THOUSANDS of people in La Palma have been ordered to stay inside their homes due to fears that lava will set more buildings on fire and unleash harmful gases.

The volcano has not stopped erupting three weeks after it originally began. According to a post on the Tenerife-based geoscience portal VolcanesyScienciaHoy, seismic activity is indicating “worrying indicators” of magma flowing upwards, which means new fissures could open up and new lava could erupt.

After the volcano set fire to a cement business on Monday, the administration advised residents to remain at home.

According to EFE, Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, is set to announce new emergency economic measures to assist locals.

Francesca Edwards contributed additional reporting.

On Wednesday, Spain’s president is expected to return to La Palma.

Since the volcano first erupted on September 19, this will be his fourth visit to the island.

The lava has already covered 570 hectares and destroyed 1,323 houses, according to a map provided by the Copernicus satellite.

Our #RapidMappingTeam has released its 1ufe0fu20e38u20e3th revised product for #LaPalmaud83cuddeaud83cuddf8#CumbreVieja eruption, based on an optical picture obtained on 10 October at 11:50 UTC.


570 ha of lava flow (+73 ha in 48 hours)u25b6ufe0f1,323 buildings destroyedud83cudfe0detected (+337)

The lava flow is still following the same path as it heads towards the sea, but it is now spreading.

ud83dudd34 The La Palma volcano continues to eject large amounts of lava, which is moving at a high rate. I’m walking along the path that has already been blazed by previous coladas, but the franja is closing in on me. u25b6 On Tuesday morning, footage was recorded from the exclusion zone of La Palma, showing the lava river flowing downwards.

This morning, we were able to get these images in the north ladera of the volcano (zone of exclusion), with lava flowing through the ladera and desgasification foci at the bottom. #ErupcionLaPalma footage of lava swallowing structures on La Palma.

The eruption has so far destroyed almost 1000 structures.

Sulphur dioxide emissions from the volcano reached North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula on Monday, according to the Copernicus satellite.

As observed by #Copernicus #Sentinel5p on 11 [email protected], sulphur dioxide emissions from the #LaPalmaEruption reached North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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