LIVE from the La Palma volcano: Ash is expected to reach Tenerife as homes EXPLODE in the lava flow.


HUNDREDS of residents evacuated on Tuesday after a stream of molten lava moved towards homes.

Authorities ordered around 800 homeowners to gather their belongings and pets and to flee by 6pm, as concerns grew over the lava’s rapid movements. Homes on the Spanish island burst into flames yesterday as a flow of molten magma descended from the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

This triggered 64 seismic movements, with the strongest measuring 4.1, according to the Spanish National Geological Institute.

La Palma Airport remains open but 11 flights were cancelled.

This is the fourth week the volcano in La Palma has been erupting and it shows no sign of stopping soon.

Additional reporting by Rachel Hagan.

Scientists have warned that indicators they use to monitor the volcano, especially sulphur dioxide emissions suggest that the eruption is not near its end.

The volcano has so far destroyed over 1000 buildings, with more devastation expected to occur.

Footage of the eruption taken this afternoon.

Vu00eddeo del aspecto actual del volcu00e1n y la erupciu00f3n, a las 13.00 hora canaria / Video of the current state of the volcano and the eruption, at 1.00 p.m. Canarian time #lapalma #lapalmaeruption #erupcionlapalma

Spanish airport operator Aena has announced that all Canary Islands airports are open, including the one on La Palma.

However, they advise that passengers check with their airline before flying.

ud83dudce2 Todos los aeropuertos de #Canarias estu00e1n operativos en este momento.

No obstante, te aconsejamos que consultes con tu aerolu00ednea el estado de tu vuelo, en especial en el caso de #LaPalma.

ud83dudc49 Seguimos las indicaciones de @ENAIRE.
#Volcu00e1nLaPalma #Erupciu00f3nLaPalma

Aerial image of the lava flow as it continues to make its way towards the sea.

Rotonde met lavarivier. #CumbreViejaud83cudf0b #LaPalmaeruption #LaPalma

The lava from the volcano on La Palma has destroyed about 90 hectares of banana plants, equalling about 30 to 40 million euros.

Alicia Vanoostende, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, has estimated an 80% loss of production due to ash in the Aridane Valley, and 50% in Fuencaliente and Tijarafe.

A group of dogs, trapped by lava, are being supplied with food and water via drones.

The dogs are unable to be evacutated as helicopters cannot fly neaer the area because of the hot air generated by the lava and volcanic ash, which can damage the rotors.

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