LIVE BREAKING NEWS ON BREXIT: THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! Frost gives the EU a last deadline to resolve Article 16.


LIVE BREAKING NEWS ON BREXIT: THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! Frost gives the EU a last deadline to resolve Article 16.

Lord Frost, a BREXIT minister, will use his address in Lisbon today to argue for major changes to the Northern Ireland protocol.

Lord Frost will demand that the European Court of Justice’s position in the Northern Ireland Protocol be removed. The role of the ECJ, according to the minister, has produced a significant imbalance in the Protocol’s operation. Lord Frost will warn Brussels that if it does not fully address the UK’s concerns, it will make a “historic misjudgment.” This is due to the enormous obstacles that have hampered commerce in Northern Ireland.

Lord Frost will claim that if the UK’s concerns are satisfied, the two sides can move forward on a new balance.

On Wednesday, Maros Sefcovic is set to present recommendations to alter the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The EU has indicated that products such as sausages will be allowed into the province.

They will be labeled as “national identity products,” and the two parties will continue to negotiate the protocol until the end of next month.

Top US politicians and diplomats have cautioned that suspending the Northern Ireland Protocol by the UK government could jeopardize regional peace.

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis received the message as he flew to Washington for crucial talks with key officials, Republicans and Democrats.

The Protocol aims to keep the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic open while also safeguarding the region’s membership in the single market.

However, the requirement for border checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK has heightened tensions inside the region as well as between London and Brussels.

Senators and former ambassadors who met with Mr Lewis on Monday as part of the United States Congress Ad Hoc Committee to Protect the Good Friday Agreement described the conversation as “cordial and frank.”

Former US Congressman Bruce Morrison, the committee’s co-chair, said members made it clear that the protocol’s lingering flaws should be resolved between the UK and the EU.

The French government has won the support of other EU countries in the post-Brexit fishing dispute.

In the midst of calls for more fishing licenses, 14 EU members have expressed their displeasure with the UK’s stance.

In the midst of a spat over fishing licenses, a Jersey fisherman has slammed his French peers.

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