Listeners are taken aback as a caller on LBC shocks them. Stop women from seeing their ailing mothers by isolating Britain.


Listeners are taken aback as a caller on LBC shocks them. Stop women from seeing their ailing mothers by isolating Britain.

Insulate Britain should block the roads and prevent a woman from seeing her mother in hospital, even if it is the last time she sees her, an LBC caller stunned host Shelagh Fogarty.

Insulate Britain, who are in their fourth week of protesting, blocked roads around London on Monday, and Shelagh Fogarty took calls from listeners about it. However, a video from LBC went viral showing a distraught woman asking with climate change protesters to let her past so she could visit her mother in the hospital after following the ambulance that was transporting her there. One caller stunned listeners when he declared he would not move for the woman, despite having said earlier in the broadcast that he would make excuses for his own family.

Host Fogarty of LBC spoke with the caller and attempted to personalize the situation by asking whether they would move for an ambulance with his daughter inside.

After previously stating that minor pains were required to see the greater picture, the caller did not give a direct answer.

Ms Fogarty persisted in her question about whether he would let the unhappy woman meet her mother.

He responded, ” “If that woman approached me in the tunnel, I would most likely ignore her.

“It’s unlikely that anyone would have been let through because they were already glued down…”

Ms Fogarty was taken aback and pointed out that earlier in their talk, the caller expressed concern for the future of the earth for his daughter, yet appeared fine with allowing some people to die in an ambulance.

Before confirming that he would let the ambulance through, the perplexed caller felt there were two different events.

He went on to say that stopping emergency services was wrong and explained why: “I genuinely believed there were two separate instances, therefore I would let the ambulance pass.

“I mistook one for an ambulance and the other for a woman begging the demonstrator.”

He finished by saying that the ambulance should be allowed to leave, but that everyone else should not.

“Gosh, blimey, well,” Ms Fogarty broke off the caller, “but if the daughter doesn’t get to see her mother again, so be it…”

The woman can be heard crying in the video obtained by LBC: “My mum is in the hospital!” I have to get to her right now!” She’s on board. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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